Sharjah Autism Center


      Sharjah Center for Autism was officially opened on 16th, February, 2002. It is a nonprofit organization that aims at providing specialized services for education, rehabilitation, and therapy for autistic children and their families. The center also has a division for autistic youths. This division was officially opened on 11th, June, 2006. It had 6 autistic youngsters and 3 supervisors. The center is working hard in order to improve and increase its services.

Our Mission

      The center is working to make a measurable difference in the lives of autistic children and their families via specialized training, full evaluation, and consultation. The center promises to work diligently in order to diseminate information about the further understanding of autism and social acceptance for autistic children among the community.

Our Philosophy

      Each and every person has the power to evolve, learn, and show his/her capabilities under optimal circumstances. Therefore, an autistic person has the power to adjust, integrate into public life, and show his/her capabilities.

Our Services

      The center provides its services to children from the age of five in accordance with mass and individual programs. These programs take into consideration individual differences. The center provides consultation for families by arranging meetings with experts. Parents receive training on how to best assist their disabled child at home. Basically, the center depends on the TEACCH program, which is very efficient in training autistic children. The center improves the competence of its staff by organizing workshops and specialized courses in order to exchange experiences with other experts working in the same field. In addition, the center follows up with autistic students who have integrated in public schools in order to evaluate the extent of their progress.

Our Objectives
  • To train and rehabilitate autistic children and youths.
  • To integrate autistic persons in public life.
  • To provide the public with correct information about autism.
  • To train and supervise the movable team in the United Arab Emirates’ east coast.
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