Sharjah Autism Center

Founded in 2002

Target group:
      People with autism spectrum disorders from the age of 5 years and older.
Our Objectives
  1. To provide complete services of training and rehabilitation to autistic children and youths.
  2. To integrate autistic persons in public life.
  3. To provide the public with correct information about autism.
  4. To provide all kinds of support and backup to families with autistic children.

Our Services

  1. Evaluation and diagnoses
  2. Training and rehabilitating autistic children
  3. Consultation and backup to families
  4. Training family members on the proper way to deal with their autistic children at home
  5. Follow up integrated students into public schools
  6. Providing supportive services
  7. Raising awareness of autism syndrome by taking part in lectures, conferences, training courses, galleries, and visiting schools, universities, and public institutions at local, regional, and international levels via social media
  8. Integrating students into public life by organizing joint activities
  9. Raising center’s staff efficiency by organizing lectures, conferences, and workshops
  10. Providing services at nighttime for distant cases or children enrolled on waiting lists
  11. Providing technical support and training to teachers of autistic students in the various sections and departments of Sharjah City for Humanitarian Services (SCHS)
  12. Opening new classrooms in Ramle branch of SCHS in morning and afternoon shifts in order to continue to develop and expand the services to include adolescents and young adults with autism
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Postal Address:
Address: Sharqan area - Heera Suburb, East Street, Villa No. 851
PO. Box 5796, Sharjah, UAE
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