In a bid to raise awareness among university students, Sharjah City for Humanitarian Services (SCHS) has launched the Assistive Technology Education and Competition ATEDUCOM in 2015 in cooperation with Seoul National University Quality of Life Technology (QOLT Center) and with the support of LG Electronics. The last editions of the completion were organized in 2015 and academic year 2016-2017, and in the second edition a third partner joined which is Startup Campus.

Meaning of ATEDUCOM

Professor Sang Mok Lee, Head of Seoul National University Quality of Life Technology QOLT Center came up with the name of the completion which means:
          1. AT: Assistive Technology; which is an integrated system of devices, tools, strategies, and services compatible with the needs and capabilities of people with disability according to surroundings and daily tasks.
          2. EDU: Education is a reference to the educational element in the competition and focuses on its role as an educational and awareness tool.
          3. COM: Competition is a reference to the element of competitiveness.

Targeted Category

         Students of Accredited Universities (Citizens and Residents).

Objectives of the Competition
          1. Raising awareness of the role of assistive technology in empowering and supporting people with disabilities
          2. Designing smart applications that improve quality of life for people with disabilities
          3. Supporting and enriching the local and Arabic content of assistive technology

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