Music Therapy Forum

Virtual Mar 6, 2021 – Dec 7, 2020

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Music therapy is a professional intervention of using music to enhance various non-musical functioning through structured musical behaviors and experiences. Through systematic process of assessment, planning, implementation and evaluation, clients can achieve developmental, physical, psychological, and emotional goals. According to American Music Therapy Association (2015), music therapy can be defined as the clinical and evidence-based use of musical interventions to achieve individual goals within a therapeutic relationship by a qualified and certified professional who has completed the approved music therapy training. (

Music therapy uses all difference levels and forms of musical experience and activities for client needs: receptive to expressive, listening to playing and singing. It is also one of the supportive treatments for other medical conditions such as health promotion, stress control, pain relief, expression of feelings, enhancing memory, improving communication, Alzheimer's and Parkinson's, and promoting physical rehabilitation.

Hence, Sharjah City for Humanitarian Services has been keen to incorporate a Music Therapy Program since 2013 in cooperation with music therapy department at Ewha Womans University, South Korea. Sharjah City for Humanitarian Services aims at keeping abreast with the best practices in empowering and rehabilitating persons with disabilities through the application of the program to persons with disabilities of various disabilities and ages, to achieve meaningful objectives in the field.

This is the very first time that a forum for Music Therapy takes place in the UAE. The main title of the forum is “Inspirational steps”. The foremost idea of the forum for music therapy was to emphasize the effectiveness of music therapy in developing the skills and capabilities of people with disabilities through sharing and presenting the latest experiences, practices, and studies in the field of music therapy locally, regionally, and internationally. The forum would show various forms of music therapy practices from around the world.

The forum will take place from March 6th to 7th 2021, virtually only due to COVID19.

We invite you to be part of this important event where the local, Arab and international community of music therapists meet to exchange experiences, explore the multiplicity of music therapy experiences, and benefit from diversity and resources for the areas of music therapy during this virtual forum. We will try our best to stay committed to communication and sharing.


The objectives of the forum 

  • Present work papers and presentations explaining the importance of music therapy for people with disabilities and the areas of using music therapy.
  • Clarify the importance of integrating different disciplines and integrative strategies and ideas
  • Identify new methods that improve the skills of specialists using music for therapeutic purposes
  • Share experiences in the field of music therapy for people with disabilities among different disciplinary approaches
  • Provide examples from different settings where music therapy can help support, build resilience, and expand the capacity for individuals and groups.
  • Open new horizons and shed light on the most important experiments, practices, and scientific research in the music therapy field for further research exchange and clinical collaboration.


Date and place of the forum

  • Date:  6th-7th March 2021
  • Conference language: Arabic / English with the possibility of providing translation.
  • The venue: Virtual

Forum aspects

The Forum is going to present the following topics:

  • The role of music therapy for rehabilitation, skills training, and educational learning for persons with disabilities.
  • The role of music therapy and mental health where music is used as a medium for psychotherapy and emotion regulation.
  • Research and case studies in the music therapy field using qualitative, qualitative or mixed methods.

Target groups 

  • Specialists and therapists for music therapy
  • Researchers and specialists in music therapy
  • Special Educators or Teachers
  • Mental health professionals, psychologist, counselors or doctors
  • Any group of people with interest in music therapy including parents

Requirement for presentations

First: Abstract submission for research papers and studies

Oral Presentations: Submit a brief summary of the presentation using attached form -Click here-

  • Evidence-based research papers
  • Any research analyses of music therapy interventions.
  • Any case studies or case series.

Poster presentations: One-page posters with 10 minute narration.


  • Send the summary of the working papers in both Arabic and English via e-mail (
  • Ensure adherence to the spelling and verification of the research and the working paper, in order to ensure the integrity of the language, the accuracy of expression, and the use of appropriate terminology.
  • Summary of the working papers must be received by the scientific committee of the forum in a period not exceeding the period specified in the delivery dates for the forum and set for this forum on 01/30/2021.

Presentation format:

  • In the event the abstract is accepted in principle, a message will be sent via email to the applicant accepting his participation. (At least one week after the deadline for accepting abstracts expires)
  • To be submitted in Arabic and English in a font size (14) Simplified Arabic, and to place on the cover of the study or working paper the title of the study, the name and title of the researcher, and the meeting information.
  • The duration of presenting the working paper during the forum does not exceed 15-20 minutes
  • The participant will be informed of the final acceptance of the research paper / working paper after the end of the specified period.
  • Communicate with the scientific committee on

General Notes:

Scientific research and working papers are presented to the scientific committee that has the right to decide whether to accept or reject the contribution without giving reasons


Second: The documents required to participate in the forum

  • Summary of the CV
  • A copy of a valid passport
  • The contact information
  • Filling the security approval form (to be sent after the participation is approved)
  • All forum transactions will be electronic، so please include email and contact information carefully.

Third: dates for receiving working papers 

The deadline for receiving research abstracts, working papers, and workshops are 30/1/2021

The committee would not accept abstracts or working papers, studies, and presentations after the specified date for the forum.

Fourth: the advantages for participants with working papers

The organizing committee bears the following:

  • Obtaining a certificate of participation and attendance at the forum.
  • Obtaining the forum file.
  • The research summary and the working paper can be published in the E-Al Manal Magazine of Sharjah City for Humanitarian Services, following the conference with the presenter’s consent.

Correspondence and inquiries 

Send scientific studies or working papers to the following addresses:


Contact numbers 00971 6 5671117/00971 6 5660667

Attendance at the conference

  • Attend the conference for free through the registration link
  • For those wishing to obtain an approved certificate, they must pay 150$ issuance fee.

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