The International Scientific Conference " Rare Syndromes Associated with Disability ".

Feb 27, 2023 – Feb 28, 2023

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Sharjah City for Humanitarian Services (SCHS), will organize the International Scientific Conference on February 27-28 , 2023 under the title " Rare Syndromes Associated with Disability ".



SCHS Conference on Rare Syndromes Associated with Disability comes in line with recent developments in genetics, neuroscience and others. The city is keen to shed more light on the educational and psychological characteristics of each of these syndromes, and on the practical applications of these characteristics in intervention and support for individuals and families.

The conference aims to awareness about the latest developments and medical, practical, educational and rehabilitative practices for people with rare syndromes , it will shed light , provide new knowledge and share experiences about educational and rehabilitation services for people with rare syndromes. improve the quality of life for people with rare syndromes and their families , unify efforts and coordinate the services provided by different agencies for people with rare syndromes. And identify solutions to some issues and difficulties by looking at some successful experiences

The conference has fourth different themes. 

The first theme (medical-therapeutic)

The second theme (education and rehabilitation)

The third theme) supporting families )

The fourth theme (Art Therapy)

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Prof.Nagwa Abdel Meguid
Clinical and Genetic Diagnosis of Rare Syndromes:15 years of Scientific Experience at Human Genetics and Disability Clinic, National research Centre, Egypt
Dr. Suma Shanker
Chief of the Genetic Medicine - University of California Davis, USA
Mr. Wael Ahmed Allam - SCHS
Dandy-Walker syndrome intelligence quotient and adaptive behavior profiles: a comparative study with down syndrome

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