Nov 17, 2022

On Thursday, November 17, 2022, 2,500 male and female students from 25 schools affiliated with the Sharjah Special Education Authority and the Sharjah Education Council participated in the (Childhood Thon 4) challenge. Participants included students with disabilities from Sharjah City for Humanitarian Services (SCHS). The Early Intervention Center of SCHS organized the event at the Flag Island to start the activities of its Early Intervention Week, under the slogan 43,800 "Golden Hours".

The event began with the national anthem. Ms. Mona Abdul Karim Al Yafei, Director of SCHS supervised the happening. Captain Rashid Al Murr, Administrative Officer in the Sports Affairs Department of the General Department of Community of Dubai Police, HE Saeed Al Ajal, Sports Expert at the Sharjah Sports Council attended Thon 4. Lieutenant Colonel Hamad bin Qasmoul. Deputy Director of the Community Police Department at the Sharjah Police General Headquarters was present as well.

The (Childhood Thon) activities were launched under the supervision of dozens of volunteers from SCHS and abroad. Students participated in sports and entertainment competitions that included simulations of disabilities with the aim of integrating and consolidating cooperation between SCHS and community institutions in accordance with international best practices.

The event focused on an important topic and one of the pillars of early intervention, which is "following the child's lead" and family-centered services. The child and the family are the drivers of these services. The week slogan is 43,800 "Golden Hours".

Selecting the slogan was a result of SCHS’s belief that the first years of a child’s life is very critical and important stage. It is a challenge during which the Early Intervention Center works vigorously to transfer the child from the stage of discovery to providing services of early intervention and then moving towards a conscious, inclusive society, and free of barriers. .

The challenge aims to shed light on the concept of child leadership and the natural environment and their importance in the success of the intervention programs. It focuses attention on the impact of the child’s presence in his natural environment and interaction with his peers and adults in the different contexts of this environment, and educate teachers, administrations and children of schools, nurseries and kindergartens on the importance of following the child’s leadership. In addition, it focuses on the techniques of motivating the child's leadership and urging him to take the initiative and finding innate learning opportunities in them.

Mr. Mohamed Fawzi, Director of the Early Intervention Center, has confirmed that the event comes as an annual celebration of the official opening of the center, which was on 11/26/1994. After the success achieved by Thon Childhood Challenge over the past years. Thon Childhood 4 is embodying the concept of early intervention, its effectiveness, the importance of community awareness and a stimulating environment to improve the energies and capabilities of children with disabilities and children with developmental delays.

He said, “The focus this year will be on the importance of following the child’s leadership and making him take the initiative within his natural environment. The concept of child leadership is one of the pillars on which any effective early intervention program is based, aiming to stimulate children’s growth and develop their skills and abilities. Every moment a child spends in the arms of his family is important.” Very much. Every hour is a precious golden hour in a child's life, as this age is called the golden stage. Five years contain 43,800 hours".

He pointed out that the first five years, including 43,800 hours, are important golden hours in a child's life. Therefore, it all must be invested in order to benefit the child in the future, hence the slogan of the week for this year to highlight the importance of these hours for the child in his surrounding environment.

The activities of Childhood Thon 4 were launched on Wednesday, in SCHS branch in Kallba. The military band of the Academy of Police Sciences in Sharjah, nurseries and kindergartens in the city of Kallba, and a number of students under the auspices of the Kallba Sports Union Club participated. They embodied the concept of early intervention and keenness to network relations, and raise community awareness and support the capabilities of children with disabilities and children with developmental delays. About 100 male and female students participated in the challenge.

In conclusion, the official sponsors, partners and supporters, Sharjah Sports Council, Sharjah Investment Authority (Shurooq), Sharjah Police General Command were honored. In addition Dubai Police General Command, Sharjah Radio and Television Authority, Sharjah Private Education Authority received honoring as well. Ambassador for Hospitality Services and Organizing Entertainment Events, Souk Al Jubail , Sharjah Electricity, Water and Gas Authority (Zulal Company), and the Golden Loaf Establishment were honored.