Sep 9, 2021

Under the slogan (Rehabilitation and Long COVID), the Physical and Occupational Therapy Center of Sharjah City for Humanitarian Services celebrated World Physiotherapy Day, which the world observes on September 8 of each year.

In this context, the Center has completed the (Yourself is Life) initiative that it started during the year 2020 to serve the beneficiaries under the slogan (Rehabilitation and COVID 19). The title this year will be in line with the slogan of World Physiotherapy Day. It would include a set of exercises to improve the level of breathing in addition to chest exercises and motor activities to stimulate blood circulation.

Mrs. Nouf Al Ali, Acting Director of the Physiotherapy and Occupational Therapy Center, has affirmed keeping pace with the latest and best international practices in providing direct and supportive services to center’s students. The number of students who benefited from these direct sessions, which last year amounted to 8,274 sessions, about (284) students. The improvement rate has reached 91%.

Among the most prominent of these direct services were specialized exercises and movement exercises provided to children on a regular basis by relying on specialized treatment methods using individual treatment systems.

She said, “During the past year, hundreds of people benefited from center's support services such as (Music Therapy sessions, Evaluation, Class Visits). The center was very keen on the continuity of services during the COVID 19 pandemic (closely and remotely) in cooperation with parents”.

On World Physiotherapy Day, the Center organized a (virtual) dialogue session entitled (Let's Talk about Rehabilitation and Long COVID). The center presented a set of experiences to people infected with COVID 19 and explained the role that physical therapy plays in the rehabilitation process.

The center also displayed a set of long-term COVID awareness videos and the best physiotherapy practices on how to deal with it through breathing exercises, improving the performance of the chest muscles and raising the efficiency of the respiratory system.