Ajman University of Science and Technology Visits SCHS

Nov 13, 2019

On Wednesday morning, November 13, 2019, Sharjah City for Humanitarian Services (SCHS) received 22 delegates from Ajman University of Science and Technology. The visit is part of SCHS restless efforts to consolidate the relationships of cooperation with local, regional, and international bodies and organizations to offer the best services to persons with disabilities according to the best international practices.

Dr. Ayman Zahran, Assistant Professor of Special Education Collage at Ajman University, has confirmed that the main purpose of this visit is to allow students to have a closer look at SCHS’s educational services and training programs offered to persons with disabilities on the hands of the best workers in this area.

Dr. Ayman has praised the advanced level of SCHS, which tries its best to stay updated with the latest trends in the field of disability worldwide.  It uses these latest trends to serve its students in every area of life.

During their tour in some of SCHS departments and classrooms, female students expressed their appreciation to SCHS great care to Assistive Technologies, which contribute to improving education and quality of life to persons with disabilities.

The students of Ajman University of Science and Technology confirmed after learning about the services, which SCHS offers to its students with disabilities, that SCHS is very serious in raising people’s awareness of disability issues.  This should encourage members of society to innovate and cooperate in order to support these services.

Ms. Mariam Al-Farsi, Head of SCHS Social Work Department, praised the visit of Ajman University students. She briefed students on the services offered to students with disabilities in accordance with international best practices, wishing to continue with the coordination and cooperation between the two sides in the future.