Dec 19, 2018

Al Amal Trail, which carries children with disabilities from GCC countries, Turkey, and the Kingdom of Bhutan, headed this morning to Abu Dhabi and made its first stop at Warner Brothers. World.  This is the first time in which the trail visits this world since the beginnings of Al Amal Camp in 1986.

The young boy Abdul Aziz Ali from Saudi Arabia said, “No words could describe our feelings. Every day of the event carries a more beautiful surprise than the previous one”.

Abdul Aziz and his friends from other countries toured Warner Brothers. World and enjoyed its amazing games.  In addition, they were able to consolidate the relationships of friendship among themselves, which corresponds to event’s main goals such as having fun and make friends.

Abdul Aziz directed his sincerest thanks to all volunteers for making children with disabilities happy.  He has confirmed that he is so happy to take part in event’s activities and trips without exception.

Many participating children learned some terms in sign language from volunteers and children with hearing impairment as confirmed by Kuwaiti young boy Omar Taraq.

Omar admired Al Amal Camp 29 and its organization.  He has great love to volunteers who treated everyone like brothers.  He has confirmed that they will never forget the happiness, which they felt in Al Amal Camp 29.

He pointed out that Al Amal Camp is a great opportunity for children with disabilities as they get to make new friends every day and see the tourist attractions of United Arab Emirates.  They will hold on to all these pleasant memories forever.

Challenge Day Activity

After children with disabilities return from Natural History Museum and Desert Park in Sharjah yesterday, the activities of Al Amal Camp continued with lunch break.  Then, children with disabilities prepared themselves to participate in the awaited activity Challenge Day.

The volunteer Majid Al – Osaimi has confirmed that this year’s Challenge Day included many new games, which specialists designed to consider the capacity of persons with disabilities in general.  This provided equal opportunities to team members to finish tasks without depending on certain members.

He pointed out that Challenge Day Activity aims mainly to stress the principle of teamwork; provide an opportunity to children with disabilities to participate in all games; and benefit from all intellectual and physical energies in finishing tasks.

Al – Osaimi said, “One of the main objectives of Challenge Day Activity is equality and allowing persons with disabilities to show their real talents and energies in order to contribute to society advancement”.

He pointed out that organizers were careful to divide children with disabilities and supervisors into several teams in order to increase their self-confidence and consolidate the relationships of friendship between team members.  Challenge Day activity supervisors gave instructions to team members to invest the time given for each contest wisely.

The volunteer Majid Al – Osaimi talked about the deep meanings for the objectives of Challenge Day Activity.  It teaches participants to aim at one goal and work within the team in order to achieve many wonderful things in more than one area.  

Volunteers distributed themselves on Challenge Day Activity locations in order to cheer all participants and make funny jokes and pranks.

The volunteer Mohammed Radwan, who is a person with hearing impairment, expressed his overwhelming feelings of pride and happiness to be a volunteer for the second time in Al Amal Camp.  He said that in sign language.  He said that he was able to make new friends from various countries.

The volunteer Saif Abdullah Hassan Al Ali has confirmed that volunteering in Al Amal Camp for the first year was a pleasant experience for him.  Therefore, he is planning to volunteer in the upcoming years in order to spread the noble message of this event and introduce the issues of persons with disabilities to the public by talking positively about disability.

Children with disabilities are going to have very nice time playing games and contests in camp’s main tent.  Yesterday, the Supreme Organizing Committee of the camp announced the names of the winners of Challenge Day Activity.  Rabat Team won the first place.  Dubai Team won the second place. Baro Team won the third place.  Finally, a participant from Turkey won the “Find the Treasure” contest.