Dec 18, 2018

Al Amal Camp 29 Trail headed to Sharjah Natural History Museum and Desert Park in the third day of Al Amal Camp 29.  Children with disabilities were provided with a tour inside the center, which was opened in 1999.  They were able to see all kinds of animals living in a safe environment.

Children with disabilities from Turkey expressed their sincere feelings of happiness through their beautiful smiles.  They also talked spontaneously about this event, which turned out to be beyond their expectations through its journeys, adventures, and activities.

They expressed their gratitude and appreciation to all volunteers, who contributed to the success of activities and picnics by their dedication and great care to the safety and welfare of children with disabilities.  Volunteers assisted those children to unleash their energy and have fun.  The Turkish children also talked in detail about the great fun and benefits they gained from meeting new brothers and friends from other delegations.

Kaltham Obaid Al Matroushi, who is an old volunteer in the camp, has confirmed that talking about disability has never and will never stop.  This year’s theme does not mean that talking about disability is limited to a certain time.  However, the deep meanings of this theme includes raising awareness of disability issues by inviting all members of society to talk about disability positively.  

She said, “Since its inception for the first time in 1986, Al Amal Camp decided to organize (Young Volunteer) program, which allows volunteers to bring their children into the Camp in order to develop their volunteering skills theoretically and practically”.

She pointed out the importance of allowing children to stay and watch members of committees work in order to learn from their experiences the values and principles of volunteerism.

She paid tribute to SCHS partners and appreciated their sense of social responsibility.  She asked individuals and institutions to commit to this principle because it contributes to community advancement.

The young boy Mohammed Ismail from Kuwait has made so many friends from volunteers and other delegations.  He also pointed out the he can adapt to the atmosphere quickly.  He loves making jokes and having fun.  He is enjoying camp’s activities and trips.

For his part, Abdul Latif al-Qadi, Deputy Commander of the Camp Security Chief, has been volunteering in Al Amal Camp since 1988.  He is very proud to volunteer for so many years due to the noble principals of Sharjah City for Humanitarian Services.

Abdul Latif and four of his family members are volunteering in Al Amal Camp. Three boys have been volunteering since they were small kids.  One girl has joined (Young Volunteer) program.  Their father taught them to respect the value of volunteerism.  They are going to follow their fathers lead in the future as well.

Notably, the activities of day three of Al Amal Camp will continue this afternoon as volunteers and participants are going to take part in Challenge Day activity, which is one of event’s main activities.