Jan 13, 2019

More than 225 students with mental disabilities, autism spectrum disorders, severe and multiple disabilities receive services in Al Wafa School for Capacity Development (Al Ramalah Branch), which is an affiliate of Sharjah City for Humanitarian Services (SCHS), according to the best practices worldwide.  More than 83 qualified professionals, teachers, and administrators offer these services in the morning and evening shifts.

Abd Al Nasser Darwish, Deputy Director of the School, has confirmed that SCHS established the branch in order to decrease the number of persons with disabilities on waiting lists by providing the same services of education, occupational and physical therapy, family consultation, psychological evaluation, family support, and individual training offered in SCHS premises.

He said, “In the academic year 2016 – 2017, SCHS completely rebuilt the entire Branch to become a two-story building with 18 classrooms.  It contains a fully equipped gymnasium ready to host any sports activity as well as a fully equipped room to offer physical and occupational therapy in addition to a gym”.

The branch also contains a fully equipped clinic, housekeeping workshop hall, which used as a dining room as well.  There are a center for assistive technologies and sensual therapy as well as a room to teach the Holy Quran, a room for individual training, family consultation, and a room for arts and music.

Mr. Darwish has pointed out that the school created a room for learning resources this year, which enriched the educational process. It is equipped with computers. The classrooms were also equipped with electronic blackboards.  SCHS has developed a special room to train and develop staff’s skills according to the best international practices.

The deputy director of the school mentioned a playground area in school’s field, which is designed to integrate persons with disabilities and grant a chance for them to play under the supervision of their teachers and trainers.  The school also has a special room for teaching handicrafts.

Finally, Abd Al Nasser Darwish mentioned the services, which the branch offers to students with severe and multiple disabilities and autism spectrum disorders, who are over the age of 16 during the night shift.  They receive internal and external services in order to improve their day-to-day skills and amuse them with activities such as swimming, riding, and picnics to beaches and Parks.