May 15, 2019

As a leading organization in the humanitarian field, Sharjah City for Humanitarian Services (SCHS) has and will continue to present inspirational success stories for those who their empowerment, inclusion, and advocacy contributed to their own education and training according to the best practices worldwide.  This has enabled them to perfect a number of crafts that made them reach financial independence and improved their lives.

Among those who are successful in life from Sharjah City for Humanitarian Services is an Assistant Teacher in SCHS Copper Workshop, named Khalid Taleb Suleiman.  When we asked about him in order to write this article, we heard great remarks and praise from his colleagues with disabilities and the teacher who he is assisting Mai Essam El Din Hassan.

Khalid received his education and training in SCHS since childhood.  At the age of 16, he joined Masarat Centre for Development and Empowerment and began training on carpentry.  After perfecting this craft, he became an assistant teacher in the workshop for more than two years.  

Then, Masarat Centre for Development and Empowerment has established Copper Workshop. Khalid felt that he is capable of perfecting this craft.  He received training for two years.  His main teacher noticed that he was very skillful and assisted his colleagues in training.  Exactly three years ago, he became an assistant teacher.

Since the beginning, Khalid has shown great skill in using copper cutting saw, which he uses to pull the copper to make accessories, shields, or rewarding medals. Companies have big demand for those products. Khalid helps his colleagues in the workshop to meet this demand as soon as possible.

Khalid’s skills are not restricted to his innovation in making copper.  He is very good at fixing cars as well.  He loves to disassemble car engines to learn how it works.  For instance, he learned that his teacher’s car was broken.  He fixed the car with great skill.

Khalid said, “Sharjah City for Humanitarian Services has given me so much.  I really would like to direct my sincerest thanks to SCHS workers for their great care.  However, words cannot describe my gratitude for SCHS efforts.

Khalid’s friends in copper workshop have great love and respect for him.  They directed their sincerest thanks to him for assisting them in their training.

This is not the end of the story for Khalid.  There is still so much to tell about his achievements. Khalid has proved that persons with disabilities are capable of innovation in every area of life. For example, he was able to win many colored medals in Bowling in Abu Dhabi Paralympic Games 2019.

By winning these colored medals, SCHS assistant teacher has added another accomplishment to SCHS long record, which reflects its continued efforts to educate, train, advocate, include, and empower persons with disabilities in every area of life.

Finally, we must point out the advanced level, which SCHS reached in offering services to persons with disabilities and their parents for more than four decades with great dedication and professionalism.