Apr 10, 2019

On Tuesday, April 9, 2019, His Highness Sheikh Khalid Bin Humaid Al Qasimi, Chairman of the Emirates Creative Society, has opened the Closing Gallery for the products of Masarat Centre for Development and Empowerment at Matajer Al Juraina Sharjah. His Excellence Ayman Othman Al Baroud, Secretary General of the Arab Parliament for Children, His Excellence Khamis Bin Salem Al Suwaidi Head of Districts and Villages Affairs Department, Dr. Saeed Musabah Al Kaabi, Chairman of the Sharjah Education Council, were present.  Mrs. Mona Abdul Karim Al Yafei, Director of Sharjah City for Humanitarian Services (SCHS), and a number of officials attended the opening ceremony.

His Highness Sheikh Khalid has confirmed the importance of the work that Sharjah City for Humanitarian Services is doing to include, advocate, and empower persons with disabilities.  This work has great value.  The great accomplishments SCHS students are presenting in every area of life such as this gallery is the best example.

He said, “It is my pleasure to join the students of Masarat Centre for Development and Empowerment the opening of their closing gallery, where they display the art pieces made during the academic year.  These art pieces reflect the great talents, which persons with disabilities possess and requires only support and highlighting”.  

For his part, His Excellence Ayman Othman has praised the quality and the diversity of the products, which can compete in all markets.  This indicates the great responsibility of SCHS in teaching and training its students according to the best practices worldwide.

He has confirmed, after a tour in the gallery, which is going to last until April 15, the importance of social responsibility by individuals and institutes in order to support and develop persons with disabilities talents.

Mrs. Mona Abdul Karim Al Yafei, Director of Sharjah City for Humanitarian Services, talked about the many advantages of this annual gallery, which Masarat Centre for Development and Empowerment organizes in order to integrate persons with disabilities with non-disabled, enable them to achieve financial independence, and show their talents to people.  The gallery has positive effects on students, their trainers, and the entire society in general.

Al Yafei has pointed out the importance of opening the gallery by His Highness Sheikh Khalid Bin Humaid Al Qasimi, Chairman of the Emirates Creative Society.  She hopes that SCHS would consolidate the relationship of cooperation with the society in the future in order for the talents of persons with disabilities to receive support and become famous.

She also believes that hotel managers should visit the gallery to see the creations of persons with disabilities, which leads to a better marketing.  

Mr. Said Butti Hadead, Director of Masarat Centre for Development and Empowerment, has confirmed that the gallery contains 500 pieces of art that members made with complete perfection.  He has confirmed that the main purpose of organizing this gallery is to enable persons with disabilities from learning technical skills, integrate them into society, raising people’s awareness of disability issues by motivating persons with disabilities to take part in external events and galleries, as well as raising funds and consolidating the relationships of cooperation with different bodies and institutes.

Mr. Said Butti Hadead was very proud of Masarat Centre students and their high quality products, which proves they are capable of innovation.  He directed his sincerest thanks to Matajer Al Juraina Sharjah for their cooperation in order to make the gallery a successful event.