DIB donates 3,500,000 dirhams to SCHS

Oct 26, 2021

   On Tuesday morning, October 26, 2021, a delegation from Dubai Islamic Bank (DIB) visited Sharjah City for Humanitarian Services (SCHS) and provided generous donation in the amount of 3,500,000 dirhams (three million five hundred thousand dirhams) as a contribution to supporting the education of persons with disabilities.

     During a tour of the city's centers and sections, the Dubai Islamic Bank delegation was briefed on the mechanisms and ways of educating students that keep pace with the latest international practices. The delegation praised the great effort and the influential role of SCHS in serving persons with disabilities and their community. 

     The delegation confirmed that this visit comes as a continuation of the cooperation between the city and the bank, which has been witnessing an escalating development since 2010. The bank makes a donation for the education of people of determination who are unable to pay school fees, which reached last year (three million and two hundred thousand dirhams) and this year to (three million five hundred thousand dirhams).

      The delegation explained that the annual support that the Bank contributes stems from its commitment to the community and an effort to develop it. It is a contribution from DIB to an important group in the community and their families. 

   Delegates said, “We highly appreciate the great role, which SCHS plays in serving the people of determination. We aim through this support and in partnership with SCHS to integrate and empower this group in society and build a better future for them. 

     In her statement, Her Excellency Sheikha Jamila bint Muhammad Al Qasimi, Director General of the city, thanked and appreciated Dubai Islamic Bank for its continuous annual support and keenness on its religious and societal commitment towards the SCHS's students and the educational services it provides to them in line with international best practices. 

    She stressed SCHS keenness to consolidate and develop cooperation with local, regional and international institutions and authorities in order to provide the finest and best services, keep abreast of the latest developments and improve the quality of life of persons with disabilities in cooperation with partners, in all circumstances, despite the challenges.   

     His Excellency the Director-General spoke about SCHS’s experience during the COVID 19 pandemic and the success in continuing to provide its services to people with disabilities and their parents (remotely), and later (closely). 

She said, “Since the beginning of the pandemic, SCHS has adopted an advanced strategy for educating people with disabilities through platforms. The education and training that SCHS provides by employing its website and social media to ensure the continuity of education and communication between specialists, students and parents”.

    With the highest levels of security and safety taken, SCHS received its students after the middle of last year within the hybrid education system (close and distance), continuing to provide its services without interruption.  Then, SCHS received all its students in their classes after taking all necessary measures.  Since its inception, SCHS has adopted the issues of persons with disabilities. SCHS believed in their rights, foremost of which is the right to education. 

    Her Excellency the Director General of SCHS explained that the average cost of education and training for one student amounts to at least 30,000 dirhams during one academic year. Despite this, 80% of the SCHS’s total students pay their tuition fees from the Zakat Fund, which Zakat and alms supplement annually as set by Islamic law in eight categories, all of them from the needy groups. SCHS’s students fall under two categories, the needy and those in debt.

   She considered that the contribution of Dubai Islamic Bank clearly indicates its seriousness and persistence in the exercise of its social responsibilities. She hopes this motivate all institutions and companies to do the same.

    In conclusion, Her Excellency Sheikha Jamila bint Muhammad Al Qasimi has praised Dubai Islamic Bank's permanent cooperation with SCHS. She also appreciated the support it provides annually to educate persons with disabilities in accordance with international best practices, calling on all individuals and institutions, each according to his position and ability, to follow this approach.