Oct 15, 2019

On Tuesday, October 15, 2019, Al Wafa School for Capacity Development, which is an affiliate of Sharjah City for Humanitarian Services (SCHS), received a delegation from Dubai Islamic Bank in order to offer the best services to persons with disabilities according to best international practices.  This visit is part of SCHS restless efforts to consolidate the relationships of cooperation with community members and organizations.

The delegation included Mr. Mousa Tariq Khoury and Mr. Jaber Al-Wadei. Ms. Mona Abdul Karim Al-Yafei, the Director of SCHS, a number of SCHS department directors, and officials received delegates.

This visit is a continuation for the cooperation between both sides, which has been developing rapidly since 2010.  The bank makes a donation to contribute to the education of students with disabilities who cannot afford school intuition. In the previous two years, the bank donated five million AED each year.

Mr. Mousa Tariq Khoury has praised SCHS’s educational services offered to students with disabilities according to the best practices worldwide.  He has confirmed that bank’s annual donation comes from its commitment to the Islamic Law and its deep understanding of social responsibility principles, which have good effects on society members.  The cooperation would develop in the upcoming years to include employees volunteering to work in the events that SCHS will organize.

He said, “It is clear that the services, which SCHS offers to students with disabilities, are up-to-date in the field of education and Assistive Technology.  SCHS cares to recruit the best specialists to reach the best results”.  Finally, he wished everyone his best.

Ms. Mona Abdul Karim Al-Yafei has confirmed the importance of this visit for consolidating the relationships of cooperation between both sides and taking a closer look at the services SCHS offers directly to persons with disabilities as well as mingling with them and learning about their capabilities and talents.

She added, “One of the main priorities of SCHS is to raise community’s awareness of the issues of persons with disabilities and change attitudes and negative perception towards them.  This will achieve community integration based on respect and appreciation. It will allow people with disabilities to claim all their rights, including the right to employment.  

Al-Yafei has mentioned that the total number of students who received services from SCHS in the previous academic year were 2339.  More than 610 employees, which 50 are with disabilities, offered these services to those beneficiaries.  In addition, SCHS has been expanding its facilities, buildings, and services recently.

She has pointed out that a special committee makes a detailed accurate study about each student to determine which ones cannot pay school intuition because their parents cannot make a living, as treatment and education are quite expensive these days.  Some parents refuse to pay school intuition for their children with disabilities.  Therefore, SCHS is collecting Zakat money to educate those students.

The director general of SCHS has pointed out that Zakat Campaign revenues for 2019 has reached 9,246,662.  SCHS covered school intuition for 308 students out of 543.  Therefore, SCHS requires more support and donations as each student coasts about 30,000 Dirhams to educate, rehabilitate, and train every year.

She said, “SCHS is basing its campaign on the decision made by the Permanent Committee for Islamic Research and Fataawa (Islamic Edicts).  The decision allows SCHS to spend Zakat money for the benefit of persons with disabilities because they fall under the seven categories of persons who deserve to receive Zakat money as indicated by the Holy Quran”.  

To conclude, Al Yafei appreciated Dubai Islamic Bank's permanent cooperation with SCHS. She praised bank’s support for the education of persons with disabilities in accordance with the best global practices, calling on all individuals and institutions, each according to their position and ability to follow this approach and achieve the best results.