Jul 11, 2021

On Wednesday, July 7, 2021, the Art for All Center (Falaj) of Sharjah City for Humanitarian Services presented the first (virtual) theatrical show of its kind in the city entitled (Exit). More than 32 actors, singers and 4 plastic artists participated, all of whom are people with and without disabilities.

Mohamed Bakr, Author and Director of the Show and Supervisor of the Art for All Center, confirmed that the play monitors life details in light of COVID 19 in a way that mixes reality with imagination. In addition, Funny feelings mixes with tears in many repercussions.

Bakr explained that the show discusses man's ability to adapt and his ability to survive. It embodies the contradictions witnessed by man in many details and combines boldness, fear, seriousness, humor, despair and hope.

He said, “(Exit) consists eight scenes hosted by the Cultural Palace Theater in Sharjah and filmed using cinematography with the participation of the (Sharjah Mime) Troupe, the Falaj Theatrical Troupe, and a group of the main speaking characters and the lyrical scenes”.

Mr. Muhammad talked about some challenges during the preparation and presentation of the work, including the level and individual differences even within the disability itself, and some difficulties associated with integrating people with different disabilities and artists from various artistic fields. However, diligent work and continuous training were enough to overcome these challenges and provide the best results.

One of the challenges that everyone faced was (COVID 19), which caused a stop because of contact or infection cases in the families of trainees. The center was very careful during the training period and the display of the show to adhere to the utmost levels of protection and safety.

Bakr talked about presenting the dramatic songs in the show in order to narrate the events in the manner of reviews. Singers trained to perform, and the songs recorded more than once in the Falaj Center studio to get the best result.

He pointed out that the Art for All Center, which the city established in March 2017, currently provides its services to nearly 100 artists of different nationalities. Both with and without disabilities, in the fields of plastic arts, performing arts and music.

So far, Bakr said, more than 830 people have benefited from the center's services, lectures and art workshops. The center has also participated in many competitions and art exhibitions inside and outside the country.

In conclusion, he praised the fruitful cooperation between Falaj and all parties keen to educate the community and support persons with disabilities in all fields.