Jul 7, 2019

In order to train, integrate, and empower persons with disabilities according to the best practices worldwide, Al Wafa School for Capacity Development has organized its training program, in collaboration with Swiss Belhotal Sharjah hotel, for the fourth year in a raw, from November 2018 until May 2019.

Consequently, Mr. Esmat Tahoun, Managing Director of Swiss Belhotel, and Abdel Nasser Darwish, Deputy Director of Al Wafa School for Capacity Development, honored the fourteen students who participated in the training program. Students trained on hotel management and the art of etiquette as well as a range of new skills.

Mr. Esmat Tahoun praised persons with disabilities ability to master the tasks and learn quickly.  He confirmed that cooperating with Sharjah City for Humanitarian Services would continue in the future to train more students. Persons with disabilities are able to perform their work efficiently.

He said, "Training provides people with disabilities with the opportunity to demonstrate their abilities in the field of work and integrate into society. Thereby, it enhances their sense of independence and self-confidence".

Mr. Abdel-Nasser Darwish explained that SCHS gives great interest in the cooperation with individuals and institutions of society in various fields. This includes training and employment of persons with disabilities by teaching them basic skills that match their abilities.

He pointed out the importance of raising awareness of social responsibility concept and employment of persons with disabilities in the fields that suits them.  Training is mainly a preparation for their employment in the future.

Mr. Abdel-Nasser believes that integrating persons with disabilities into the workforce enables them to interact with their non-disabled peers in the natural work environment.  He asked individuals and institutes to incorporate the concept of social responsibility in order to assist persons with disabilities in reaching their goals.

Parents of graduating students were so happy with their children’s participation in the training program.  They directed their sincerest thanks to Al Wafa School for Capacity Development and to Swiss Belhotal Sharjah for their continued efforts in developing the skills of students with disabilities.