May 31, 2024

Sharjah City for Humanitarian Services (SCHS) proudly invites you to visit the exhibition 'I Am Here: Redefining Disability in the World of Art', which presents a distinctive and innovative vision of the concept of disability through the language of art. This unique experience combines the power of creativity and human expression, as creative artists with disabilities present their distinguished works that reflect their artistic abilities and personal experiences. Through this exhibition, you will have the opportunity to explore new worlds, expand your horizons, and experience the power of art to transform challenges into opportunities for expression and contemplation.

Come along on this energizing artistic adventure with us and help advance an inclusive culture and respect diversity in the art world. We can't wait for you to tell others about this amazing experience and to share your thoughts and experiences with the artists. Don't miss the chance to see the 'I Am Here' exhibition at the Sharjah Art Museum, which is open until June 10. It's time for each of us to participate in this amazing artistic endeavor.

The Art for All Center - Falaj, affiliated with the SCHS, opened the “I Am Here: Redefining Disability in the World of Art” exhibition, in cooperation with the Sharjah Museums Authority, with the participation of 34 artists, at the Sharjah Art Museum.

Her Excellency Mona Abdul Karim Al Yafei, Director General of SCHS, confirmed that the “Breaking Barriers: Redefining Disability in the World of Art” exhibition reflects SCHS’s pioneering vision in encouraging artists with disabilities and providing a platform for their creative expression.

She said, “The Art Center for All (Falaj) of the SCHS is a pioneer in the field of supporting and empowering artists with disabilities. It seeks to provide equal and comprehensive opportunities in the artistic and cultural field. We are proud to organize this exhibition, which reflects SCHS's tireless pursuit of achieving this vision”.

She added, “The exhibition "Breaking Barriers: Redefining Disability in the Art World" seeks to transform the way society views disability, honor disabled artists and producers, and promote their exceptional abilities across a range of artistic mediums.”.

The Director General of SCHS explained that SCHS was the first to employ art to serve people with disabilities by establishing the Emirates Group for Special Art in Sharjah in 1995, and it was the first to introduce music education in color for people with mental disabilities in 2009, and later it established the Artistic Creativity Group for people with disabilities independently and complementary to the Emirates Private Art Group in 2010, and all these efforts culminated in 2017 through the establishment of the Art Center for All “Falaj” as a continuation of its previous and successful steps in this field.

She added, “People with disabilities could create in all fields, and SCHS has believed since its founding in this ability and has worked to include, advocate, empower, educate and integrate them in accordance with the best international practices” Noting that SCHS’s vision of art is not limited to its creative value only, but also includes its psychological therapeutic aspect and its role. In spreading feelings of hope and joy, in addition to focusing on the global perspective.

Al-Yafei invited members of the community to visit this exhibition, which also aims to redefine artistic boundaries and encourage inclusivity in the art world. Pointing to sustainability in supporting and empowering artists with disabilities in various fields, and continuing work to provide opportunities and recognition in the global art scene, she extended her sincere thanks to the Sharjah Museums Authority for their good cooperation in hosting this exhibition and to all those who contributed to its organization and success.

Aisha Rashid Dimas, Director General of the Sharjah Museums Authority, stressed the importance of the exhibition organized by the Art for All Center - Falaj - under the umbrella of the SCHS and hosted by the Sharjah Art Museum, noting that the exhibition expresses the Authority’s firm commitment to its societal role, its cultural and humanitarian mission, and the principles of inclusiveness and participation. Community and institutional cooperation.

She said, “This initiative not only enriches the diverse cultural scene in the emirate, but also highlights the positive impact of art and reinforces the idea that art is a universal language that allows everyone to participate in the production and appreciation of art.” She added that embracing this wide diversity of creators reflects the Sharjah Museums Authority’s keenness to keep museums Spaces available to all individuals, including people with various disabilities, and facilitating access to its museums that address the needs of all sectors of society”. She stressed that the role of museums is also to provide a spacious space for expression and contemplation, which reflects positively on mental and physical health.

For his part, Mr. Muhammad Bakr, Director of the Art for All Center - Falaj, said: The I am Here exhibition, which is organized by the Art for All Center - Falaj, affiliated with the SCHS in cooperation with the Sharjah Museums Authority, represents an artistic and cultural tributary that achieves the center’s vision and its sustainable mission to build bridges of communication between artists with disabilities and their peers without disabilities, as the exhibition brings together 34 male and female artists affiliated with the center who present more than 84 artistic paintings and creative works.

The exhibition also carries an important message calling for the realization of the vision of SCHS in its continuous endeavor towards achieving opportunities for empowerment, integration and achieving equal opportunities for all persons with disabilities in all fields, including the field of artistic and cultural work.