Jun 22, 2022

On Wednesday, June 22, 2022 Masarat Center for Development and Empowerment of Sharjah City for Humanitarian Services (SCHS), has organized a press conference. A number of center’s students who obtained certificates of completion of the Continuing Education Program “BTEC” spoke to journalists and media representatives about their experiences and studies within the program and their achievements. They were able to develop their personal and professional skills under the supervision of their teachers.

Student Youssef Al-Mulla talked about the professional studies program in which he excelled by learning to manage time and allocate suitable time for sports, going out and sitting with the family. He also talked about his achievements in memorizing the Holy Qur’an and in the fields of robotics and sports. He has previously participated in many sports competitions and achieved advanced positions.

As for the students, Hassan Ali and Saleh Omar, they explained, through their study experience, how they possessed the skills of farming and taking care of plants in the nursery. They have learned about their types, planting times, ages and watering times. They suggested to those interested in acquiring houseplants to pay attention to them. They must make sure to place them in the shade if the sun is not good for them, and vice versa. They should not over-irrigate these plants. Once a day is enough so that the soil would not be affected.

For her part, the student Bardis Hamdi talked about the skills of the Professional Studies Program, learning languages and numbers, sorting and classification work, in addition to clerical work and the self-development program. She also talked about her achievements in “the Holy Qur'an". She is going to record her voice reading the Holy Qur'an on Radio while she is doing Tajweed.

Student Sultan Ahmed Mubarak talked about his studies within the program for a healthy lifestyle and the importance of practicing various types of exercise. He has confirmed the importance of sports for people with disabilities, the elderly and all members of society. Student Yazan Basil Deeb reviewed the importance of living according to a healthy lifestyle and maintaining an appropriate weight. He has confirmed his ability to use the computer and to search on the Internet through reading and writing.

In turn, the student Saud Askar said that the professional studies program allowed him to learn numbers and do arithmetic operations. He explained the importance of this in daily life and carrying out buying and selling operations and office work such as classification and accounts. The student, Maitha Saleh, confirmed how, through professional studies, she possessed the skill of dealing with colors and creating artistic paintings. She works with her colleagues in drawing group paintings.

Student Maryam Al Ali said that the professional studies program contributed to teaching her a healthy lifestyle through healthy nutrition, drinking water and exercising regularly. She had previously participated through her paintings in many art galleries.

Alumni Association of Sharjah City for Humanitarian Services

As part of the media meeting, SCHS announced the launching of the Alumni Association in Sharjah City for Humanitarian Services. It would be a nucleus for the city’s graduates of people with disabilities. It would follow them up after graduation, assess their conditions and help them integrate, employ and adapt to the labor market.

Dr. Hanadi Obaid Al Suwaidi, Director of the Masarat Center for Development and Empowerment, confirmed that the aim of the press conference was to familiarize the community with the skills and abilities of students with disabilities and the experiences they possessed through the Continuing Education Program "BTEC".

She said, “Sharjah City for Humanitarian Services attaches great importance to educating people with disabilities. Moreover, one of the most important objectives of the continuing education program is to ensure the promotion of this right. In addition, it aims at the continuous devel  opment of personal and professional skills”. She referred to the city's endeavor, through providing specialized programs, and supporting students through academic guidance, and follow-up, to provide optimal educational opportunities and ensure their educational continuity in accordance with the best and latest international practices.

In conclusion, Al-Suwaidi indicated that the city received international accreditation in January 2020, for teaching Pearson Foundation programs that combine educational content and global assessment supported by services and technology. The program aims to enable more effective teaching and learning on a large scale. Masarat Center for Development and Empowerment adapted "Pearson BTEC" program due to the ability to benefit from its flexibility, which meets the needs of its affiliated students.