Feb 18, 2019

When Mohammed Khalfan joined Sharjah City for Humanitarian Services (SCHS) two decades ago, he was very popular among his friends, teachers, and everyone else.  As for today and after many years, he become even more popular after proving his kindness, social, and love for knowledge nature especially in memorizing the Holy Quran.

Mohammed did not allow his disability to stop him from reaching his dreams and ambitions.  His family has surrounded him with great love and care.  Sharjah City for Humanitarian Services has offered him education and training on daily-life skills, which contributed to expanding his knowledge and formulating his personality until he become an Assistant Teacher.

Ms. Yusra Mohammed remembers the time in which Mohammed was a student in her class. She spoke with great enthusiasm about his positive energy, his high motivation, and his many initiatives.

She said, “Mohammed Khalfan is the perfect example of a self-advocate, who is aware of his rights very well and the importance of demanding these rights in his name and the name of his friends.  He conducted many meetings with officials to explain the reality of persons with disabilities and their needs.  Last year, he was an active member of Informative Team of Al Wafa School for Capacity Development for Health Education”.

When Mohammed heard these words from his teacher, he smiled gently and expressed his gratitude to her.  He said that it is very important if you are a person with a disability to be a self-advocate in order to raise people’s awareness of your rights, which laws granted.  It is clear that Mohammed insists on practicing self-advocacy due to its importance in raising people’s awareness and his development as an activist calling for the respect of persons with disabilities rights such as integration into society.

When asking him about the nature of his work as an Assistant Teacher in Al Wafa School for Capacity Development, he assured that he is very happy and satisfied to work with Holy Quran teacher Nawal Ali Attieh.  He is learning so much from her in order to help other students with disabilities to learn.

Mohammed participates in the environmental, agricultural, and informative activities, which Sharjah City for Humanitarian Services organizes.  He cares to consolidate the relationships of cooperation and friendship with other people from inside and outside SCHS.  He confirms that integrating persons with disabilities has positive reflections on the entire community.

He likes to pray and call for prayers from the mosque located next to his home.  Usually he prays for his family and especially his beloved mother Mrs. Badria al-Suwaidi, who is chairing Mothers’ Council of Al Wafa School for Capacity Development.  She raised him with great love and care until he became very self- confident.

The Holy Quran teacher Nawal Ali Attieh has praised Mohammed for his marvelous achievements in the UAE and other countries.  He proves that persons with disabilities are capable of achieving great success in every area of life.

Mohammed has won the first place in many contests and awards for the Holy Quran such as Prince Sultan Bin Salman Award for the Holy Quran.  Mohammed took part in this contest many times and won the first place several times.

As for local contests, Mohammed participated in many of them such as Sharjah Award for the Holy Quran, Sheikha Latifah Holy Quran Award, and Sheikha Hind Al Maktoum Award for the Holy Quran and Khalifa Al Jaber Award for the Holy Quran.

Mohammed memorizes the last four chapters of the Holy Quran.  Mohammed won the first place in the Endowments and Islamic Affairs Authority Award, Ras Al-Khaimah Award for the Holy Quran and Club Race for the Holy Quran Award. He also won the first place in Dibba Al-Hosn Holy Quran Competition in Umm Al Quwain, Ajman Prize for the Holy Quran and Al-Dhaid Club Competition for the Holy Quran.

Mohammed’s parents, his brothers Abdul Aziz and Saif, the Holy Quran teacher Nawal Ali Attieh, and Eman Khalifa are the people who influenced his life mostly.  He always expresses his gratitude and appreciation to them and to God for his many blessings.