One Million Books and More at the "Al-Warraqin Festival for Used Books"

Jan 5, 2023

With more than a million books, Sharjah City for Humanitarian Services (SCHS) is preparing to organize the eighth edition of the (Warraqin Used Book Festival) from 1 to 4 February 2023 in Al Nakheel Garden, on the shores of Khalid Lake in Sharjah.

The festival, which SCHS organizes with the distinguished participation of public benefit associations, government and private agencies and schools, universities and diplomatic missions, and community institutions, groups and individuals, is the first and largest of its kind in the United Arab Emirates. SCHS has been organizing it periodically since 2006. It was previously called “Used Book Festival. Various new and used books are displayed and sold to the public at nominal prices. In addition, the proceeds are allocated to support the services provided by SCHS to its students with disabilities in accordance with international best practices.

The festival aims to enhance the value and importance of books by encouraging reading and love of reading, developing and strengthening the spirit of volunteer work among members of society of all ages. It promotes cultural and social values, establishes an entertainment and cultural activity that attracts all nationalities and age groups, and cares for the creations of people with disabilities and their non-disabled peers from the categories of children and youth. It provides financial revenues for SCHS in an innovative way with a moral and cultural return.

Jihad Abdel Qader, General Coordinator of the Festival, said that the previous session organized by SCHS under the slogan (Buy a Book... Illuminate a Path) was part of the activities of Sharjah, the World Book Capital. It hosted more than 80,000 visitors due to the valuable books offered by the festival at very symbolic prices (from two dirhams to 20 dirhams, only). In addition to its contribution to introducing people to the services provided by SCHS to its students in accordance with the best international practices.

He talked about the importance of the festival, which provides its visitors from different age, demographic and social groups with a valuable opportunity to acquire books and acquire knowledge and diverse culture. In addition to the great benefit that used books, provide to the environment, as the circulation of books reduces the cutting of trees that people use to make paper in addition to encouraging the sharing of reading between friends and family.

He also talked about the role of the festival in meeting the need of community members to support the services provided by SCHS to people with disabilities by donating books, or by purchasing them. He referred to the social aspect. He considers that the process of searching for books is similar to the process of searching for "treasure". It is a unique experience. Through it, an opportunity will be favorable for visitors to establish their own libraries at very nominal prices. Many books in English will be available to everyone.

He praised the community participation in the volunteering process in preparation for the festival. The Book Sorting and Classification Committee witnessed the volunteering of many groups of society in the process of sorting and classifying books, which SCHS will display in the festival in an optimal manner. People with disabilities also participated as volunteers. He expressed pride in this participation and integration into society.

We should mention that the door is open to those wishing to donate their books. These donations are received at the headquarters of Sharjah City for Humanitarian Services in the Yarmouk region, and during the festival days in Al Nakheel Garden, on the shores of Khalid Lake in Sharjah, or by calling: 06-5671117