Jul 21, 2019

With the participation of 34 children with disabilities, the activities of 27th edition of Summer Center, which Sharjah City for Humanitarian Services (SCHS) is organizing in collaboration with Sisley International under the theme (Summer Caravan), began. It will end in August 8, 2019.

Mrs. Mona Abdel Kareem Al Yafie, Director of SCHS, Mr. Yazen Al Qariouti, General Manager of Sisley International, a number of parents, media professionals, and the people interested in (Summer Caravan) attended the opening ceremony. The center, which SCHS organizes every year, aims at integrating children with disabilities into society, develop their talents, and provide them with useful and enjoyable times during the summer vacation.

Mrs. Mona Abdel Kareem Al Yafie, Director of SCHS said that SCHS has been organizing the Summer Centre since 1986. This is a clear indication of the success of its strategic vision to contain, advocate and empower people with disabilities according to international best practices.

Al Yafie explained the right of children with disabilities to recreation and entertainment during the vacation. Therefore, SCHS has been keen, since the beginning and under the guidance of Sheikha Jamila bint Mohammed Al Qasimi, Director General of SCHS, to organize the Summer Centre as the first institution in the UAE for persons with disabilities.

She pointed out the important role of volunteers in working with children with disabilities throughout the duration of the center, which will include many trips, events and workshops inside and outside SCHS.  

For his part, Mr. Yazen Al Qariouti said that his company is sponsoring the center because it believes in the importance of practicing social responsibility, which has a vital role in community advancement.  He praised the objectives and the sustainability of the center as well as everything that SCHS offers to children with disabilities in every area of life.

Al Qariouti called on individuals and institutions to support the services, which SCHS offers to persons with disabilities, each according to his/her ability and competence. He asked God to assist SCHS in everything that it offers to them and the society in general.

Ms. Mariam Al Farsi, Director of the Summer Center, explained that the activities of the first day, which witnessed a series of technical workshops, were conducted in cooperation with the Sajaya Yong Ladies of Sharjah. In the coming days, the center will witness many trips and competitions in cooperation with various institutions to serve people with disabilities and enable them to spend the most beautiful and useful times ever.

The Director of the Summer Center has pointed out that Summer Caravan organizes the first week under the theme (My Heritage).  The activities and events in this week will focus on heritage.  As for the second week, it will be organized under the theme (Innovate with me).  It will focus on innovation.  The third week of the center will be organized under the theme (My Health).  Workshops will focus on nutrition and sports activities.

Finally, Ms. Mariam Al Farsi directed her sincerest thanks to Mr. Yazen Al Qariouti, General Manager of Sisley International, for sponsoring the center and to all cooperating institutions and bodies with her best wishes to all of them.