SCHS & Commercial Bank of Dubai Discuss Developing Cooperation

Jun 14, 2022

Mr. Othman Ibrahim Bin Hindi, Head of Customer Affairs at Commercial Bank of Dubai, has confirmed that the educational and training services offered by Sharjah City for Humanitarian Services (SCHS) to persons with disabilities are of the highest quality in the world. He confirmed that SCHS has great sense of responsibility in improving the quality of their lives and integrating them into society.

He said, “We are very keen to enhance and develop cooperation with SCHS. We would like to support it financially and morally in its tireless quest to include, advocate and empower persons with disabilities. We want to benefit from its experience in this field through lectures, courses and workshops that contribute to familiarizing the Bank’s employees with how to deal with persons with disabilities, and providing jobs”. He indicated the readiness to cooperate with SCHS in the voluntary field to meet the needs of both parties.

On Monday June 13, 2022, Her Excellency Mona Abdul Karim Al Yafei, Director of SCHS, accompanied Bin Hindi in a tour of a number of sections and departments. After the tour, Bin Hindi praised the great effort and influential role of SCHS in serving people with disabilities and their parents. He explained that the annual support provided by the bank is evidence of bank's firm belief of the importance of these services, and its continuous commitment to society.

For her part, Her Excellency Mona Abdul Karim Al Yafei valued the visit of Othman Ibrahim bin Hindi. The visit contributes to strengthening and developing cooperation with SCHS through direct access to services. SCHS provides quality services to its students with disabilities and identify their abilities and talents.

She said, “SCHS attaches great importance to raising community awareness of the issues of persons with disabilities and their rights and how to deal with them. It also attaches great importance to the development of cooperation with institutions, centers and authorities, locally, regionally and globally”.

She stressed that SCHS is ready to provide its expertise in this field through cooperation with the Commercial Bank of Dubai. This cooperation aims at creating positive attitudes towards persons with disabilities, leading to community integration based on respect and appreciation, and providing them with the opportunity to achieve all their rights.

The director of SCHS thanked the Commercial Bank of Dubai. She praised its support and keenness to develop cooperation with SCHS. She hopes for the continuation of this cooperation between the two parties.