Aug 8, 2019

On Thursday, August 8, 2019, the activities of 27th edition of Summer Center, which Sharjah City for Humanitarian Services (SCHS) organized from July 21, concluded at the gymnasium of Al Amal School for the Deaf.  More than 35 children with mental and hearing impairments took part.

SCHS organized the closing ceremony of the center in presence of Mrs. Mona Abdel Karim, Director of SCHS, and a number of delegates from Rationalization Department at Sharjah Electricity and Water Authority.  Delegates included Anisa Farhan Salim Al-Jallaf and Moza Abdul Rahman Bin Dukhein, as well as Summer Caravan Officer, Ms. Mariam Al-Farsi, Caravan Supervisors, a number of parents, and participating children.

The Director of SCHS directed her sincerest thanks to organizers who innovated in planning for the three weeks, which participating children spent having fun and learning new knowledge and so many things that will be useful to them in the future.

Special thanks went to all the bodies that supported the summer caravan workshops.  Mrs. Mona highly appreciate the level of understanding and the sense of responsibility of these bodies towards persons with disabilities by contributing to support their programs and activities.  The director of SCHS also paid tribute to volunteers who did their best to children with disabilities.  She believes that both sides were benefiting from this relationship as volunteers gained advanced skills in dealing with persons with disabilities.

Finally, Mrs. Mona wished that next year there would be more sponsors, support, and more children with all kinds of disabilities.  She confirmed that all the children that she knows very well had great fun during the three weeks of the caravan.

Ms. Mariam Al-Farsi, Caravan Supervisors, has pointed out that Summer Caravan organized the first week under the theme (My Heritage).  The activities and events in this week focused on introducing UAE heritage and stressing the national identity.  As for the second week, it was organized under the theme (Innovate with me).  Participants visited Sharjah Space Science Center, Sharjah Aquarium, Arts Foundation and attended the Dolphins show in Dubai during this week.  The third week of the center was organized under the theme (My Health).  Workshops in this week were organized in collaboration with the Department of Health Education in the Supreme Council for Family Affairs in Sharjah. There were also many events, activities, and trips that children enjoyed and benefited from.  Ms. Mariam confirmed that organizers in Sharjah City for Humanitarian Services have creative ideas for the upcoming years.

The closing ceremony began with the national anthem of United Arab Emirates as participating children raised their hands in salute for the anthem and repeated its lyrics with enthusiasm and love.  The girl Ehssan Mohammed recited some verses from the Holy Quran. Then, Alia Saleh, a Social Worker at the Center for Assistive Technologies, delivered the closing ceremony speech in which she confirmed that the event has achieved its goals throughout the organization of a set of programs and events aiming at introducing UAE heritage, stressing the national identity, practicing arts, and raising awareness of good health practices.

In her speech, Alia Saleh thanked Mrs. Mona Abdel Karim, Director of SCHS, for attending the closing ceremony.  Special thanks went also to the official sponsor of Summer Caravan Mr. Yazen Al Qariouti, General Manager of Sisley International, and the bodies, which supported and hosted the trips and visits of Summer Caravan, as well as supervisors, teachers, volunteers, and everyone that presented their best to make this event a success.

Participants then enjoyed a short film in which the organizers summarized the highlights of the trips and activities carried out by children, the most important landmarks they visited, and the most beautiful works created by their hands, especially in the field of painting, coloring, puppet and dolls making.

As part of the closing ceremony, a group of children chanted to summer caravan song in which they expressed their feelings about this experience for three weeks focusing on heritage, innovation, and health.

The topic of rationalization of consumption was present at the closing ceremony. Two cartoon characters; Qatura representing water and Kahroob representing electricity, sang for children to explain the idea of the rationalization of consumption. Then, Anisa Farhan Salem Al-Jallaf and Moza Abdul Rahman Bin Dukhein from the Rationalization Department at Sharjah Electricity and Water Authority raised the awareness of the children about the importance of preserving resources and not wasting water and electricity in a simplified and likable manner, which included a series of questions answered by children enthusiastically and impulsively.

At the end of the ceremony, Ms. Mona Abdel Karim, accompanied by guests distributed gifts and certificates to participating children. She made sure to take photos with them. She invited everyone to cut the cake as a happy conclusion for the useful days were children spent three weeks in the summer caravan.

A tribute to the collaborating and supporting bodies

The supervisors of Summer Caravan at Sharjah City for Humanitarian Services appreciated the great cooperation of the bodies, which hosted the activities of the event. She mentioned Sajaya Yong Ladies of Sharjah, Sharjah Classic Cars Museum, Sharjah Institute for Heritage, Sharjah Art Foundation, Sharjah Space and Astronomy Center, Sharjah Maritime Museum, Art Foundation, Emirates Islamic Bank, Ministry of Health, Dolphinarium Creek Park, Golden Loaf Foundation, and Sharjah Electricity and Water Authority.

Summer Caravan Objectives

Throughout its journey, SCHS used to organize summer centers for students with disabilities and involving their brothers and friends in order to create a positive atmosphere for their integration. They would know their abilities and get fair opportunities to prove that their disability did not prevent their giving. They would also increase the confidence of children with disabilities and devote the idea of working to benefit from leisure time in useful things.

We can summarize the objectives of the Summer Caravan 2019 as follows:

1)Integration of persons with disabilities with non-disabled peers.

2)Develop a spirit of cooperation and promote a desire to participation among them through recreational, social and educational activities.

3)Attract volunteers and motivate them to work with people with disabilities.

4)Provide all the services of entertainment, guidance, education and morality

5)Provide times full of fun and entertainment to break the routine.

6)Developing the capacities and skills of participating children in various fields.

7)Activate volunteers work, attract young people, and motivate them to work with people with disabilities.

8)Strengthen the various community partnerships of the summer center.