Jun 6, 2024

On Thursday, June 6, 2024, the Early Intervention Center of the Sharjah City for Humanitarian Services SCHS) hosted an exceptional event that is considered one of the most important events that coincide with the end of the academic year. This event is a distinguished graduation ceremony organized by the center in the theater of the Sharjah Arts Institute, during which the children of the Early Intervention Center were honored with its thirtieth batch, which included 57 boys and girls. This event is an opportunity to celebrate the children’s achievements and appreciate their efforts and the dedication of teachers and specialists in supporting them and helping the children develop their skills and abilities.

One of the top facilities for helping kids with disabilities is the Early Intervention Center-Sharjah (EIC). Since opening as the first facility of its sort in the area in 1992, the center has worked to serve children and their families. To empower and support children to grow, develop, and engage in society, the center offers a wide range of services, such as early detection, educational, psychological, and therapeutic intervention; supporting, assisting, and enhancing the competence and confidence of families and caregivers; and improving and expanding the opportunities for children with disabilities to enroll in general education schools and inclusive education programs.

It was an honor for them and their families to witness the graduation of a group of bright kids who had received services from the center. This graduation offers a chance to consider the successful path that the children have traveled.

"Since the establishment of SCHS's Early Intervention Center, it has been working on training and education," stated Mr. Muhammad Fawzi, the center's director. On this momentous day, we are excited to welcome a new generation of our gifted children, whose families we are diligently striving to meet their needs and priorities and who we are teaching and educating in accordance with the most recent techniques. We should be proud of the growth and advancements these kids have made. We have faith that they will be able to overcome the obstacles in their path and realize their goals. We are getting ready to welcome a new group next year, following the graduation of the 30th batch from the center.

It is noteworthy that the center has provided its services to more than 3,950 boys and girls and their families since the beginning of its work.

He added, “Over these years, the center put a lot of effort into helping its staff members help families transition from being recipients of services to being empowered to actively participate in the provision of services to children. A yearly program called Nanhal training bag addressed to families is organized by the center with the goal of empowering families to take an active role in their children's education and training. This year has been a journey full of enrichment and joy. As we celebrate our accomplishments today and get ready to move on into a new phase, we hope to make even more growth and success. With any luck, this stage will be better and place kids on the cusp of becoming fully empowered in all facets of life.”.

He added, “Since the beginning of the journey, teachers, supervisors, specialists, and administrators have worked in solidarity and cooperation, filled with hope, equipped with knowledge, and surrounded by optimism. They crossed all barriers to provide an educational and training experience that is compatible with the latest and best international practices in the field. The Arabic version of the measurement, evaluation and programming system for children is used as a basic system in the center and is the focus of its work standards. Our staff, who work in a cross-disciplinary team system, are examples of key service providers who have successfully overcome challenges, continued working, and transferred experience and knowledge to families in multiple ways. Distances did not prevent them, nor were challenges deterred. Rather, they demonstrated their determination to support and enhance the competence of parents”.

He concluded by saying that the perseverance of the families, the insistence of the children, and the honesty of the work team, which was a distinguished friend of the families, are the secret behind our children achieving their abilities and skills. Despite the challenges, our determination and cooperation together had a huge positive impact on the development and advancement of their capabilities. I believe that every graduate of the center has a lot of potential and can create the future. We trust their abilities and achievements, and the center will always remain their cradle and starting point.

Head of the Early Intervention Center's Mothers' Council, Mrs. Amira Ahmed Al-Dhibani, expressed her views as follows: "We at the Early Intervention Center know very well that we can trust our children and be proud of all of them." We proudly and dignifiedly observe their accomplishments at the Center today and highlight their amazing talents. We would want to express our profound gratitude to all those who helped make this a success, including officials, educators, and experts. We would especially like to express our gratitude to the Mothers' Council, which puts forth a lot of effort to empower and support mothers and strengthen their role in raising and raising their children. With continuous cooperation between families and the center, we will continue to achieve successes and support the growth of our children with love and care.”