Jan 25, 2021

Ms. Mona Abdel Karim Al-Yafei, Director of Sharjah City for Humanitarian Services (SCHS), received Mr. Iyad Hefzy Youssef, the guardian of Farah, whose photos appeared in the advertisements for the Zakat campaign for the year 2020 (Your Zakat to support our education). This is an annual tradition that reflects the mutual trust and the established strong relationship between Sharjah City for Humanitarian Services and the parents of its students with disabilities, in which the families of children whose pictures appeared in the posters of the zakat campaign organized by the city every year during the holy month of Ramadan.

During the honoring ceremony, the city director thanked the guardian of the student Farah (one of the students of Al-Wafa School for Capacity Development) for his approval of the appearance of his daughter’s picture on the Zakat campaign poster.  This confirms the importance of cooperation between the city and parents to educate society about the issues and rights of persons with disabilities and the importance of integrating them and contributing to their Education, Inclusion, Advocacy and Empowerment.

She emphasized that the family’s care for their children and giving them confidence and belief in their capabilities is one of the most important elements on which the city bases its cooperation with them. She praised the role of parents in raising community awareness and supporting the services provided in accordance with best international practices.

She explained that parents' care, good treatment, and respect for their children provides the community with an example on the proper way to deal with them. It shows the importance of cooperation and coordination between the city and families and their keenness to provide people with disabilities in an optimal way in every area of life.

For his part, Farah’s guardian has confirmed that he is proud that his daughter participated in the zakat campaign, which the city organizes for noble goals. He called on all parents to respect and trust their children and provide the utmost care and attention to them.

The city organizes Zakat campaign throughout the holy month of Ramadan every year to pay tuition fees for students with disabilities who are not financially able and to provide the latest technologies to support their education in line with the different individual differences between them.

Through it, the city affirms the large and influential role of society in supporting the services, which the city provides to people with disabilities that has not stopped despite the COVID 19 pandemic. The city has adopted an advanced strategy to educate persons with disabilities remotely and closely while taking all precautionary measures.