May 2, 2019

As part of the celebrations of May for better hearing and speaking skills, Sharjah Audial Unit and Communications Council, which are affiliates of Sharjah City for Humanitarian Services (SCHS), are organizing a number of programs, activities, counseling sessions, and free medical examination in order to raise people’s awareness of the importance of early diagnoses of hearing impairment and speech disorders. Early diagnoses enables SCHS from providing the necessary rehabilitation to improve quality of life in general for those with hearing impairment.

For example, Sharjah Chamber of Commerce and Industry hosted a meeting on Thursday morning, May 2, 2019.  The meeting, which was entitled (Communicate for the rest of your life) identified the main problems of hearing and communication disorders and the proper way to address them.

In the meeting, Dr. Nadia Abdel-Hak talked about hearing impairment, its impact on children's communication skills, and the methods of audio-visual rehabilitation. The mother of Duaa Ragab narrated an impressive success story from her experience.  Ms. Anwar Obeid from SCHS Early Intervention Center talked about the appropriate methods to improve children’s communication skills.

Mrs. Mona Abdel Karim, Director of SCHS, has confirmed that Sharjah Audial Unit offers its services to all the segments of the society from birth until the age of 80.  She has pointed out the importance of raising awareness in this field in order to avoid hearing loss by running the necessary tests, incorporating early intervention, and avoid noise sources.

Mrs. Mona directed a message to parents, teachers, and supervisors in nurseries and schools in order to take the necessary measures in case they have noticed early signs of hearing impairment.  If this happens, they should go directly to a specialist for counseling.

Ms. Marwa Abdul Fattah Madi, Director of Sharjah Audial Unit, pointed out that the unit managed to associate an exhibition for the latest hearing aids with the meeting.  A number of companies working in the field such as Vienna Trading LLC, MED-EL, and Widex Hearing Aids participated.

Ms. Madi has mentioned the cooperation between Sharjah Audial Unit and hearing aids companies to provide hearing aids to SCHS workers and beneficiaries at the lowest prices.

She pointed out that the unit organized free audio check-up and counseling at Moliha Ladies Club.  In the upcoming days, the unit will organize free audio check-up for children from age of 3 to 5 years old.  As for the next week, the unit will offer check-ups to adults.