Oct 22, 2019

Sharjah City for Humanitarian Services (SCHS) is taking part for three consecutive days in (Together We Empower Persons with Abilities) initiative, which Ministry of Education is organizing at Ajman Teachers Training Institute.  The initiative is targeting a number of teachers from public and private schools.

Mrs. Doaa El-Dridi, Supervisor of the Integration Unit in SCHS, has confirmed that the aim of this contribution is to teach the educational staff and society in general about the importance of integrating PWD with their non-disabled peers in the same schools and classes. The program will include inclusive education, individualization of education, strategies of positive control, behavior management and pre-writing skills.

It will also highlight the main challenges facing inclusive education such as the high cost of materials and technologies, the refusal of some schools to take part in the integration process, and the tendency of some teachers to reject having a student with a disability in the classroom. In addition, there are a lack of specialized cadres, curricula and inappropriate teaching methods in addition to the lack of facilities. In some cases, there is insufficient field studies as well.

The first day of the initiative, which nearly 14 teachers from various public and private schools attended, included an extensive discussion on these challenges and ways to overcome them through fruitful cooperation among institutions and individuals. They would collaborate efforts to achieve the best results in this area.

The integration unit supervisor has confirmed that since its establishment four decades ago SCHS has been supporting the right of PWD to integration with their non-disabled peers in the classrooms, schools, and playgrounds. SCHS worked to meet their needs and implement all appropriate adjustments within the surrounding environment to ensure optimal accessibility.

She added, “SCHS, in cooperation with public and private schools and universities, has contributed to the integration of nearly 500 students with different types of disabilities from 1995 until now. SCHS will continue its restless efforts to integrate persons with disabilities in various fields”.