Apr 9, 2019

As part of its efforts to maintain the safety and wellbeing of students with disabilities, employees, and workers, Sharjah City for Humanitarian Services (SCHS) has organized a lecture on fire emergency evacuation plan.  The lecture, which SCHS organized in collaboration with Sharjah Civil Defense, took place at Sharjah Cultural Palace.  Large number of employees from SCHS branches in Khorfakhan, Al Dhaid, and Kallba attended the lecture.

The two lecturers Ali Saeed Obaid and Hani Rashid Al Dahmani from the General Directorate of Civil Defense talked about the best way to evacuate premises in case of fire or earthquake as soon as possible.  People must make their way, by the means of escape, to a place of safety away from the premises.

The lecture is part of SCHS strategic plan to raise students, employees, and members of society awareness of the importance of public safety and preserving human lives and assets in the case of catastrophes or dangers.

In addition, SCHS aims at introducing workers to evacuation methods and the action to be taking in the case of fire starting from evacuation.  People, on hearing the alarm, should proceed to pre-determined positions and call the civil defense.  Moreover, the lecturers introduced the kinds of fire extinguishers to participants who should use it to stop the fire from extending to other places.  

The two lecturers has emphasized the importance of determining the exact location of fire in order for firefighters to reach the place as soon as possible to save lives.  They also emphasized the importance of delivering such lectures and training courses to people in all bodies and institutes due to its importance in activating the role of society members in times of crisis.  

The lecturers discussed means of protection from fire at homes, cars, and on the road as well as a detailed explanation on how to avoid damages and the spread of fire at home.  The lecturers provided some tips to reduce the hazards of fire.

The two lectures answered all the questions that participants asked.  Then, they discussed some of their ideas and suggestions to fight fire.

These ideas include, for example, what Mr. Mohamed Abu Zahra, the Teacher of Art Education at Al Amal School for the Deaf, said about placing a list in the building lobby that includes the names of persons with disabilities and housing numbers in order to facilitate their evacuation if necessary.

Sharjah City for Humanitarian Services staff directed their sincerest thanks to Sharjah Civil Defense and the two lecturers for their efforts in providing valuable information with hope for more cooperation in the future for the benefit of everyone.