Feb 5, 2019

The 336 issue of Al Manal E-Magazine for February 2019, which is part of Sharjah City for Humanitarian Services (SCHS) publications, released.  Her Highness Sheikha Jameela bint Mohammed Al Qasimi, Vice President of Supreme Council for Family Affairs & Director General of SCHS, is the chief editor. The publication aims at educating the Arab family, providing it with information, theoretical, and applied knowledge as well as training programs and raising their health awareness.

In Al Manal “Researches” section, we read a study by Dr. Asma Mohammed Khamis Al-Darmaki on the challenges and solutions for disability problems. We read also about the guide for short-term treatment based on solutions, which is a research translated by Mr. Majid Mahmoud Sami Abdul Ati.

In the same section, we read a study on supporting strategies for children with language delays prepared by Ahmed Hashim Hassan. Mr. Mohammed Qasim prepared a search on classroom management skills and another on school delays taken from the book "Introduction to Learning Disabilities" by Hamza Jabali.

In “Assistive Technology” section, we read about a brain implant that allows people with paralysis to use tablet devices.  This technology can enable people with paralysis directly to operate an off-the-shelf tablet device just by thinking about making cursor movements and clicks.

In Al Manal “Culture and Literature” section, Mr. Nahed Alkhayat has written about psychological disability in children. We read also a topic on scientific thinking translated by Hashim Katae. Dr. Ghassan Shahrour has written a series of letters to writers and editors entitled (Without Comment).

In the same section, we read a presentation for the Encyclopedia of Modern Trends in Mental Health and Psychotherapy, which is a recent book written by Dr. Abdel Basset Metwally Khadr and Mrs. Rania Al-Sawy Abdo Abdul-Qawi. The Chief-editor of Al Manal Osama Nadim Mardini prepared a briefing about this book. Hazem Dhahi Shehadeh has written a material discussing the film about the life story of the brilliant scientist Stephen Hawking.

In Al Manal “Activities and Events” section, we read about SCHS students display of their experiences at an international scientific forum in Tunisia. We read about their participation in the National Robotics Championship. We also read about the announcement made by Dr. Heba Hegars, Member of the Social Solidarity, Family and Persons with Disabilities Committee in the Egyptian Parliament. For the first time in the history of Egyptian parliamentary life, the Parliament has launched an expanded initiative under the title (Towards Fair Legislation for Persons with Intellectual Disabilities and Autism).

Al Manal “Activities and Events” section includes a variety of news such as SCHS graduates 61 specialists in Music Therapy Program.  More than 262 children with disabilities benefited from this program.  We also read about SCHS honoring by Sharjah Forum for Voluntarily Work.

In “Social Issues” section, we read a material by Stacey Storme and the translation of Mazen Quqas.  The author asks the question.  Has an identity crisis immobilized the field of sign language interpreting?  The material explains the need to raise awareness of sign language and its impact on persons with hearing impairment.  Mr. Hisham Kattami has written about the etiquette and our daily lives.  Noura Sharabi has written about profitable trade. Abdul Aziz Al – Failakawi has written an article entitled (who is smarter?  Our sons or modern technology).

In “Life” section, Asdaa Association has prepared a material about six teams consisting persons with hearing impairment innovating in Robotics Games Championship in Egypt.  In addition, we learn about Teacher and literary critic Hamada Abdul Latif.  Mr. Rami Magdy has written about Reggio Emilia and a leading Italian experience in early childhood education, which the writer experienced personally.

Finally, in “Opinion” section, Osama Nadim Mardini has prepared a material about International Paralympics and its Linguistic Manual.  Moreover, SCHS Social Services Section has prepared a material about feeling overweight.  Dr. Razzam Basseem has written about whether nasal congestion can result from cold or allergy.  Dalia Raouf has written about the importance of breastfeeding for our children.