May 7, 2019

The 339 issue of Al Manal E-Magazine for May 2019, which is part of Sharjah City for Humanitarian Services (SCHS) publications, released.  Her Highness Sheikha Jameela bint Mohammed Al Qasimi, Vice President of Supreme Council for Family Affairs & Director General of SCHS, is the chief editor.

The publication aims at educating the Arab family, providing it with information, theoretical, and applied knowledge as well as training programs and raising their health awareness.

In “Research and Studies” section, Dr. Muhannad Salah Al-Azza has written about persons with disabilities status in Islam.  Dr. Abdel-Moneim Mohamed Odeh Al-Duwairi has written about Glaucoma, which cause blindness to 8% of the people worlwide.

In the same section, Farizah Mahmoud Abdel-Hadi prepared a study on epilepsy in children (its definition, causes, types, diagnosis, and treatment). Mrs. Bassent Hussein Hamed has written about some ways to deal with children with autism spectrum disorder who suffer sudden crying, collapsing, or laughing. We can also read a translation by Mr. Majd Mahmood Sami Abd Al-Ati for the Guide of Short-Term Treatment Based on Solutions (4).

In Al Manal “Culture and Literature” section, Dr. Khalid al-Sharqawi has written about the diplomatic work during the era of the Prophet Mohammad (peace be upon him).  We read about autism, the comprehensive developmental disorder by Dr. Siham Adel Al – Humaimat. Mr. Adel Youssef Raslan has written about success that starts from the early diagnosis of autism spectrum disorder.

In the new issue of Al Manal, Mr. Mohammed Nabulsi presents an introduction about the Indian feature film "Parfi", which succeeded in presenting people with disabilities in a positive way. Mr. Osama Nadim Mardini has written a presentation about the book of Management and Supervision in Special Education in the light of the quality standards.

The 339 issue of Al Manal E-Magazine republishes an interview made by journalist Jamila Ismail with Her Highness Sheikha Jameela bint Mohammed Al Qasimi, Vice President of Supreme Council for Family Affairs & Director General of SCHS.  Her Highness has confirmed that SCHS, under the honoree presidency of His Highness Sheikh Dr. Sultan bin Mohammed Al Qasimi, Supreme Council Member and Ruler of Sharjah, has become an inspiration for other institutions. It stimulates high spirits.  Proclaiming the rights of persons with disabilities has become SCHS’s main priority.

Al Manal “Activities and Events” section is full of news.  To begin, we read about announcing Sharjah as World Book Capital for the entire year of 2019, a very good organization of Discovery Project (2) by Sharjah Center for Learning Difficulties.  Sharjah City for Humanitarian Services celebrates World Autism Awareness Day.  Approximately, 140 students with disabilities take part in the fourth Sports Festival for students with autism.

In addition, the exhibition of Masarat Centre contains 500 pieces of arts, an anticipated cooperation between SCHS and Awladana Egyptian Foundation for Arts of the Disabled, and Al Amal School for the Deaf organized 44 Week of the Deaf from April 21 to 27 under the theme (Forcing government agencies and its affiliates to employ persons with hearing impairment).  Moreover, the school sent a number of its students to train in a variety of institutions in UAE.

We continue in Al Manal “Activities and Events” section by reading that Sharjah City for Humanitarian Services reflected once again its leadership and distinguished work during the honoring ceremony of Princess Haya Award for Special Education, and the General Authority of Civil Aviation in Saudi Arabia visited SCHS.  Guests discussed means of cooperation in order to serve persons with disabilities.  SCHS has launched its Zakat campaign (Islamic Fund Raising) upon the beginning of the Holy Month of Ramadan.

In “Social Issues” section, we read 15 tips for families with children with autism by Specialist Mohamed Abdel Moneim Qeshta. Specialist Adel Youssef Raslan has written about the phenomenon of "Virtual Autism".  Does it spread among children of the electronic age? By Noura Al Sharabi We read an article entitled (Spirit has a share).  

“Life” section includes an article by Mr. Nader Abul Fotouh about Ahmed Gamal the blind child who memorizes the whole Quran with different readings. We also learn about the youngest self-advocate girl from SCHS Early Intervention Center integrated into society recently.  We read also about Mohammad Khalfahn who has a big heart and always successful.

To conclude, we read in “Opinion” section by Ms. Khadijah Bamakhramah an article entitled (Know your status nation of fasting).   Dr. Abdul Aziz Al – Failakawi has writen about United Arab Emirates, the land of abilities.  Ghassan Shahrour has written about the 44 Week of the Deaf and persons with hearing impairment to work.

Dr. Faiz Shalati has written about the trauma of war and its impact on children. Dr. Zaid bin Mohammed Al-Ramani presented a set of skills to overcome the diseases of greed!