Mar 10, 2020

The 348 issue of Al Manal E-Magazine for March 2020, which is part of Sharjah City for Humanitarian Services (SCHS) publications, released.  Her Highness Sheikha Jameela bint Mohammed Al Qasimi, Director General of SCHS, is the chief editor. The publication aims at educating the Arab family, providing it with information, theoretical, and applied knowledge as well as training programs and raising their health awareness.

In “Research and Studies” section, we read a study by Amal Izzat Ali about developing language for the blind deaf.  Nadia Muhammad Ratib, writes about depression in children with disabilities. Sheikha Ali Muhammad Al-Shatiri writes about stimulating linguistic skills for children with language delays. Nada Al-Kasabi talks about the ten most common mistakes in raising children.  Professor Frieza Mahmoud Abdel-Hadi prepared an article on the types of intelligence to close this section.

Our journey with Al-Manal continues, as we read within “Assistive Technology” section about the increasing number of persons benefiting from the services of SCHS Assistive Technology Center.  By Lomonica and the translation of Nile Taher, we read about modern technologies in America that improve persons with disabilities lives.  

In “Culture and Literature” section, we read an article by Hind Khasawneh entitled (The Key to Heaven). We read a review by Saeed Ramadan Ali about a movie entitled (The Piano, The Soul in Deep Silence).  We read a translated article by Hashem Kata, entitled (The Meaning of Literature ... Conch and Book).  Hisham Mohamed Ketami presents another article entitled (Communication skills between individuals at work).

Within Al-Manal issue 348 of, we read an interview with Her Highness Sheikha Jameela bint Mohammed Al Qasimi, Director General of SCHS, conducted by colleague Salama Al Ketbi from Al-Ru'ya Newspaper, in which she spoke about many important issues such as integration, employment, empowerment, leadership, etc.

Al Manal “Activities and Events” section is full of news as usual.  The most important of which is SCHS accreditation by the Commission on Accreditation of Rehabilitation Facilities (CARF) and Pearson, the leading global educational institution. Jameela Al Qasimi honors the outstanding deaf in UCMAS Competition and Architecture.  The annual workshop for Music Therapy Program introduces new strategies.  Seven students from the Hashemite University from the kingdom of Jordan train in SCHS.  Since 1995, SCHS integrates more than 500 students with disabilities. SCHS had fruitful contribution to (Sight Me) Exhibit. An Armenian delegation visits SCHS to learn and share experiences.  SCHS organizes the Seventh Used Book Festival as part of the activities marking Sharjah as the World Book Capital.  Sharjah Cooperative Society donates 360,000 Dirhams to SCHS as we decide the theme of World Down Syndrome Day.

In “Social Issues” section, we read about the causes of disturbance in the classroom and its treatment, which is a topic prepared by Mohamed Saad Ali. We read about the successful employee and supporting families of people with autism spectrum disorder. By Dr. Fayez Shalati, we read about the obstinacy, rebellion and problems of children. Al Manal closes this section by talking about the reasons that lead some people to wake up early while others stay asleep.

In “From Life” section, Al Manal Editor-in-Chief, Osama Nadim Mardini introduce us to Alexandra Adams, a blind and deaf British medical student.  He also introduce us to Umm Abdul Rahman and Musab, the ideal mother of two autistic students.

In “Opinion” section, Manal Al-Kaabi presents an article entitled, “Is there a connection between animal sounds and children‘s linguistic development?” By Ibrahim Salem, we read about the aspirations of social media towards the issues of persons with disabilities.  Fadi Muhammad Al-Dahdouh writes about the future and smart schools.  By Fatima Al Mazroui, we read about (A personality made up of energy). Diana Faisal Hashem Shatnawi writes an article on the reasons for students' weakness in mathematical multiplication skill.