Jan 30, 2022

On Thursday, January 27, 2022, Her Excellency Sheikha Jamila bint Muhammad Al Qasimi, Director-General of Sharjah City for Humanitarian Services (SCHS), and His Excellency Mr. Jean-Charles Birotheau, President of the French Center of the International Institute of Theater, which is part of the UNESCO, signed a memorandum of understanding and international partnership. The memo is within the framework of the two parties' firm commitment to laying foundations for cooperation and strengthening efforts to improve related services and activities.

The memorandum aims to develop knowledge and easy access to information for the largest number of persons with disabilities, to participate in promoting individuals’ learning, and to develop innovative methods and procedures aimed at excellence in practices and services provided to persons with disabilities and their workers. In addition to exchanging methods, procedures and tools on support techniques (simulation) and experimental approaches to use Art Therapy (Drama therapy).

Her Excellency the Director General of SCHS has stressed the importance of the memorandum as a real and global benefit for people with disabilities for SCHS and for the French Center.

She said, “Culture, literature and arts are among the valuable sources in the history, present and future of nations and undoubtedly contribute to developing the capabilities and talents of people with disabilities and learning in a meaningful way”.

She praised the great effort made by SCHS's work teams and the center to reach this memorandum. Noting that today's signing is only the starting point to move forward in implementing the terms and setting plans to achieve the goals.

Sheikha Jamila Al Qasimi thanked Mr. Jean Charles Birotheau and his assistants for their fruitful cooperation. She also thanked SCHS's work team, wishing everyone success.

For his part, Mr. Jean-Charles highly valued this partnership with Sharjah City for Humanitarian Services. It represents a valuable addition to both parties. He praised the efforts of specialists in SCHS and the center to provide the best services for people with disabilities.

He has confirmed that the cooperation with SCHS is the first of its kind for the center, with an Arab institution. SCHS has a long history in serving people with disabilities in an effort to include, advocate and empower them in various fields in accordance with international best practices.

He pointed out that this cooperation will include the development and exchange of experiences and competencies between the two sides. He extended his sincere thanks and appreciation to Her Excellency the Director General of SCHS and its work team.

In the preamble of the memorandum, the parties took into account the work of the World Health Organization, including the Global Data Synthesis Report on the role of arts in improving health and well-being. Arts play an important role in preventing health problems, promoting health, as well as in managing and treating diseases throughout life.

Under the memorandum, the two parties shall commit to work on providing and harnessing possible opportunities to serve programs related to students, therapists, teachers and supervisors, for the purpose of training in drama therapy and to cooperate in establishing a joint mechanism to advance the drama therapy training project. In addition to promoting dialogue and understanding between cultures through any form. A form of professional artistic expression related to the performing arts. It aims at guarantying the place of artistic creation and international cultural expression in favor of the development and the beneficial impact of the arts for health recognized by the World Health Organization.

The two sides shall also commit to launching several initiatives related to the joint relationship between the two parties. It aims to achieve their strategic goals and to consult each party to the other party at any time regarding any submitted request, proposal or procedure that would make effective cooperation successful to achieve the objectives of the memorandum. In addition to organizing joint artistic events and activities for the category affiliated with SCHS. Each of the parties invites the other to attend and participate in the training courses, conferences, seminars and events it organizes.

As part of the memorandum, the French Center of International Institute of Theater of UNESCO shall commit to granting the Art for All Center “Falaj” and its artists membership of the International Theater Authority to which the center is affiliated. In addition to providing technical support and assistance to organize joint programs for the benefit of SCHS. The participation of French and foreign specialists and experts, who have been identified by SCHS as the most qualified in their field, to contribute their expertise and knowledge to the promotion and development of its programs, and to publish and promote SCHS’s artistic activities through the center’s platforms, and circulate them to its members.

Sharjah City for Humanitarian Services shall commit to the appropriate logistical coordination of the subject of the joint programs between the two parties within the United Arab Emirates. It should provide appropriate advertising and media coverage for the joint programs within the country, and provide the opportunity for experts and specialists appointed by the Center to develop and promote joint programs.