Jan 26, 2022

Sharjah City for Humanitarian Services (SCHS) will organize the "Virtual International Forum on the Quality of Inclusive Education" via the electronic platform "Zoom” on Thursday, February 3. It coincides with the activities of the month of inclusive education organized in the month of February of each year.

A selection of decision-makers, specialists and academics from the United Arab Emirates, the Kingdom of Sweden, the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia, Canada and the United States of America will participate in the forum.

The forum aims to shed light on the most important experiences in the field of inclusive education and identify new methods and strategies that will improve the skills of specialists. It will advance the process of inclusive education and come up with recommendations that help in making decisions and legislation that will improve the quality of inclusive education.

Since its establishment 43 years ago, SCHS has attached great importance to integrating people with disabilities into society and raising awareness of their rights in accordance with the best international practices. SCHS has a vision and mission to include, advocate, and empower persons with disabilities with education, rehabilitation and employment to be active participants in their communities.

In 2017, SCHS established the “Inclusive Education Unit” because it believes that inclusion is not only a model of special education. It is rather a way of thinking and practice that includes all members of society.

Because SCHS believes in the rights of persons with disabilities in all fields, including the right to education and inclusion, it has been raising people’s awareness of these rights. SCHS has continued its pursuit in the "theoretical and practical" tracks.

To this day, SCHS was able to integrate 568 students with disabilities into schools, in cooperation with its partners in state educational institutions. It has also worked in cooperation with partners to establish a comprehensive educational system that contributes to promoting children's rights and providing a supportive and stimulating school environment for inclusion in line with the interest of the Emirate of Sharjah in education, reading, and training.

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