Oct 4, 2021

Sharjah City for Humanitarian Services (SCHS) has won the Arab Award for Social Responsibility (Social Enterprise Category) (14th round), which the Arab Organization for Social Responsibility organized yesterday, Monday, October 4, 2021.  Eng. Sheikh Salem bin Sultan bin Saqr Al Qasimi, Member of the Executive Council of the Government of Ras Al Khaimah and President of The Department of Civil Aviation in Ras Al Khaimah, sponsored the ceremony. A large number of nominees for the award in its various categories were present.

To mark this event, Ms. Mona Abdul Karim Al Yafei, City Director, gave a speech in which she confirmed at the start that SCHS’s success depend on the wise guidance of Her Excellency Sheikha Jamila bint Muhammad Al Qasimi, Director General of the City. She is very keen to consolidate the principles of social responsibility and ensure its sustainability, based on her vision of including, advocating and empowering people with disabilities in accordance with international best practices.

She said, “SCHS faced the COVID-19 pandemic with its experience, so it was able to continue providing services, achieving goals, overcoming difficulties and facing challenges thanks to its successful rational leadership, determination, strength of determination, dedication, teamwork, and developing alternative plans. This is part of SCHS preparation for crises that may face humans in the future”.

She has confirmed the keenness of SCHS, within its objectives and plans, to consolidate and spread the concept of sustainability. In addition to training and qualifying the work team to understand risks and face challenges.

She thanked Ms. Habiba Al Marashi, CEO of the Arab Organization for Social Responsibility, and all those in charge of the award. The Organization aims at stimulating social responsibility applications and sustainable practices in all public and private institutions.

Mrs. Khadija Ahmed Bamakhramah, Planning and Follow-up Officer in SCHS, explained that Sharjah City for Humanitarian Services winning of this prestigious award at the level of the Gulf region, the Middle East and North Africa in the Social Enterprise Category is an appreciation for SCHS's efforts and long history in commitment to sustainability and social responsibility. SCHS has strong will to develop and continue improving its work to ensure its success throughout these years. During which it was able to provide the best services for people with disabilities and keep pace with international best practices.

She said, “SCHS took into account the fulfillment of all the criteria for the award, which depend on a set of global foundations. It includes the criteria of the Global Reporting Initiative (GRI), and the criteria of the United Nations Global Compact; the European Foundation for Quality Management model and the United Nations Sustainable Development Goals. SCHS succeeded in meeting them efficiently and effectively.”

Winning is also a strong indication of the importance and value of the Arab Award for Social Responsibility. The benefit is not limited to the award or the recognition it gives to institutions, but it is also a self-evaluation process that helps institutions understand how they can improve their performance to become more sustainable and have a positive impact on society.

Mrs. Khadija Ahmed Bamakhramah concluded by saying, “Sharjah City for Humanitarian Services, since its inception in 1979, has adopted the principle of social responsibility and sustainability as a concept and value. It is an essential part of its purposeful mission. It is one of its solid foundations of sustainability, stability and development in its programs and services that benefit people with disabilities, their families and society in general.”