Feb 2, 2023

For the second day in a row, the activities of the eighth session of the Used Book Festival, which Sharjah City for Humanitarian Services (SCHS) is holding from February 1 to 4, 2023 in Palm Garden, on the banks of Khalid Lake in Sharjah continue. Public benefit associations, government and private agencies and schools, universities and diplomatic missions, and the institutions and groups of society, and its individuals are having distinguished participation.

The statement of Sheikh Majid bin Sultan Al Qasimi

His Excellency Sheikh Majid bin Sultan Al Qasimi, Head of the Department of Suburbs and Villages Affairs, had a morning tour, during which he received a briefing about the distribution of valuable books of various kinds in the festival grounds, and the most important accompanying events. He has confirmed that the development witnessed by the "Used Book Festival" in each session is clear. It is tangible, and its embrace of this amount of various cultural and artistic activities and events is an important indication of SCHS's keenness to make the festival for all members of society.

Sheikh Majed praised the efforts of the volunteers in performing their tasks. He also praised the very important participation of artists with disabilities, whether through impressive and distinguished paintings or through theatrical performances. He indicated that the level presented by the members of the Art for All Center "Falaj" of SCHS is clear evidence of its interest of the talents and abilities of persons with disabilities, and the seriousness with which it works continuously to develop these talents.

The Head of the Department of Suburbs and Villages Affairs said, "A book is not a commodity that expires as soon as it is read. Many books we have finished reading and after a while we read them again. Nevertheless, many books were the reason for making a positive change in a person’s life because of the valuable ideas it contains.  From this point of view, we realize the great importance of the role of writers in the lives of peoples and nations. We also realize the great societal and cultural role of SCHS, which has been organizing this festival since 2006. SCHS is very keen to achieve its sustainability.

Sheikh Majed thanked the volunteers and workers at the Al-Warraqeen Festival for Used Book. He called on the community to visit the festival in its wonderful location on the banks of Khalid Lake and take advantage of the opportunity it provides to acquire valuable books. He has stressed that the cooperation between SCHS and the department will continues.

Statement by Engineer Fathi Jabr Afana

Engineer Fathi Jabr Afana, CEO of Fast Building Contracting Company, is so proud of supporting the Al-Warraqeen Used Book Festival as one of the main partners in organizing and sponsoring it. 

He said, "I am so happy and proud that "Fast Building Contracting" contributes to supporting the programs and events that SCHS organizes, because we are fully aware of the importance of these programs and events in serving people with disabilities and society in accordance with international best practices".

Eng. Fathi referred to the well-established and solid relationship with SCHS. He has confirmed that the company's support for the festival began since the first session. SCHS called this session "Used Book Festival". The cooperation continues during the eighth session, as this support comes through logistical equipment or financial support through the purchase of books or any other forms of support.

He extended his sincere thanks and appreciation to all the organizers and volunteers, led by Her Excellency Sheikha Jamila bint Muhammad Al Qasimi, President of SCHS. He wished her continued success and prosperity.

Events accompanying the festival

The artistic and cultural activities accompanying the festival continue amid a remarkable turnout of school students and members of the community. In the exhibition of paintings organized by the Art for All Center "Falaj", the visitors of the festival can see the distinguished Emirati artist "Mozah Abdullah" while she puts her artistic touches on her new painting. She was able to uses her toes to create her paintings, presenting wonderful drawings that express her dream, ambitions, and own-self. Through this, she participates in many exhibitions. The artist Moza uses color in her own way. Each color has its meaning through which she wants to convey her messages and express her journey, her challenges, her passion for art and drawing, and her very great ambition.

Among the artistic workshops witnessed today was the mandala printing workshop and thermal bead formation organized by the branch of Al-Wafaa School for Capacity Development in Ramla area. In addition to presenting a play, (I have the right to learn) and the lyrical paragraph (I am a human being). The media office of the Sharjah government presented a photography and media workshop for children in addition to other workshops. The artistic paragraphs presented by the Events and Activities Committee, the Committee for Attracting Governmental Agencies, Institutions, Centers, Associations of Public Benefit, Communities, Institutions and Schools Participating in the Festival.

Productive Projects

In the Al-Warraqeen Festival for Used Books, SCHS displays the products of productive projects in the Masarat section of the Masarat Center for Development and Empowerment. The hands of people with disabilities made these products. The most prominent of which are the “Zuliya” textile works made in SCHS’s branch in Al-Dhaid, and the copper products “Ateeq” and “The Art of Stitching” in SCHS branch in Khorfakhan, and DANAT Bakery products from SCHS branch in Khorfakhan as well.