Mar 24, 2019

Sharjah City for Humanitarian Services (SCHS) has organize a magnificent celebration to mark World Down Syndrome Day organized this year under the theme (leave No One Behind).  People around the world celebrate World Down Syndrome Day in March 21 every year with a group of informative activities and events.

Dr. Samia Mohamed Saleh, Director of Al-Wafaa School for Capacity Development, has praised the participation of students with disabilities and their parents in the activities, which SCHS organized to raise people’s awareness of World Down Syndrome Day theme and proclaim the rights of persons with Down syndrome.  

She said, “These rights include education, integration, job placement, Health Care, and accessibility.  Sharjah City for Humanitarian Services cares to raise people’s awareness of these rights in order to reach the best results”.

Sharjah Municipality had a very positive contribution in this day by cooperating with SCHS in organizing an entertaining activity for students with Down syndrome.  In addition, Al-Wafaa School for Capacity Development has cooperated with SCHS sections and branches in order to integrate a number of students with disabilities in public schools and other institutions.  

The Director of Al-Wafaa School has confirmed that a group of students with Down syndrome volunteered to work in non-disabled nurseries in order to contribute to society and show their real capabilities such as giving.

According to Dr. Samia, students with Down syndrome participated in World Happiness Day and visited Al Qasimi Hospital to give children presents in order to make them happy.

In the morning, Sharjah Archaeology Museum hosted a workshop under the title (Let’s Talk about Down syndrome).  Dr. Samia talked about the main methods used to educate and integrate persons with Down syndrome into society.

The Director of Al-Wafaa School has confirmed that the workshop title is similar to 29 Al Amal Camp theme, which SCHS organized in December 2018.  The theme “Let’s Talk about Disability” represents an open invitation to society members to discuss and share experiences and information about persons with disabilities issues in every area of life.