Jul 19, 2022

On Wednesday, July 13, 2022, Sharjah City for Humanitarian Services (SCHS) launched the activities of the 30th session of the Summer Center under the slogan (Summer Caravan). The Caravan will last until the fourth of next August, with the participation of 103 male and female students with mental disabilities, autism spectrum disorder, hearing disability, severe and multiple disabilities. Their brothers and friends who are not disabled are participating as well. The main branches of SCHS in Khorfakhan and Al Dhaid cities will participate as well.

The center aims to provide a positive atmosphere for students by integrating them, introducing their abilities and providing them with fair opportunities to prove that their disability did not prevent their giving and participation. In addition, the center would increase their self-confidence and devote the idea of work to benefit from their leisure time in something useful.

One of the center’s goals is also to invest the free time of students with disabilities in proportion to their preferences and needs. It also aims to attract volunteers and motivate them to work with the category of people with disabilities, in addition to empowering self-advocates by opening the way for them to hold workshops and events.

Ms. Maymoona Hussein, Supervisor of the Summer Center, said that one of the center's most important goals for this year is to achieve social integration and harmony between students with disabilities and their peers through group activities. Furthermore, it aims to provide all recreational, guidance, educational and moral services aimed at the participants, and most importantly, to give them a time full of fun and entertainment and break the routine through a variety of activities that help develop their abilities and skills in various fields.

The Summer Caravan is witnessing fruitful cooperation with Sharjah Museums, Sharjah Institute of Heritage, Fan Foundation, Sharjah Art Foundation, Al Nahda Women’s Association, and the Tourism and Commercial Development Authority. It sponsored a number of activities and recreational trips for the beneficiaries of the summer center.

The Sharjah Institute of Heritage presented, in a traditional atmosphere, the traditional doll-making workshop and the gypsum workshop to make traditional forms, in addition to the traditional games workshop at the opening of the summer center. Sharjah Art Foundation will present a tree print workshop and a sculpture workshop during the summer center period. The Fan Foundation will also provide workshops on the topic of "Innovation Week" using electronic device applications in the implementation of professional and innovative videos.

The Tourism and Commerce Development Authority will organize two recreational trips to Sharjah aquarium and to the rainy room.  There will also be a number of various recreational and educational trips suitable for affiliates with disabilities, in addition to various educational, artistic and sports workshops.

Mrs. Maymoona Hussein confirmed that the center organizes many valuable and varied workshops that aim to provide children with multiple skills, such as technical and manual workshops. She stated that this year's programs and activities focus on various topics, including heritage, innovation, health and culture.