Sharjah Audiology Center

The Audiology Clinic started its work in the year 1993 as part of the services provided by the Early Intervention Center, and in 2010 the Sharjah City Audiology Center was established as a diagnostic unit licensed by the Ministry of health & Prevention and affiliated with Sharjah City for Humanitarian Services. It aims to provide a complete audiological assessment and diagnosis of all cases, in addition to describing Appropriate solutions to hearing problems, and providing services at nominal prices.

The center receives all age groups from newborns to the elderly.

The center provides services to beneficiaries with and without disabilities.

The most important basic services provided:

Auditory evaluation:

Sharjah Audiology Center offers all audiological examinations that reveal various hearing problems using modern technologies, the most important of which are:

  1. Hearing level check
    • New Born Hearing Screening.
    • Pure Tone Audiometry.
    • Play Pure Tone Audiometry.
    • Visual Reinforcement Audiometry (VRA).
    • Aided /Free filed Audiometry.

  2. Tympanometry
  3. OtoAcousticEmisstion OAE (DPOAE, TEOAE)
  4. Speech Audiometry
  5. Auditory Brainstem Response ABR

Hearing aids and devices services

Sharjah City Audiology Center provides counseling services to families to guide them to the appropriate type of hearing aids, cochlear devices.

In addition to providing periodic follow-up services, and providing all audio equipment requirements.

Auditory survey for schools and kindergartens

In the interest of Sharjah City Audio Center on the importance of early detection of hearing loss and the positive effects of that.

the center provides audiological survey services for children in kindergartens and schools to detect hearing loss and other audio problems, and provide the appropriate solution directly.

The center follows the evaluation protocol approved by the British Society of Audiology British Society of Audiology for each service provided at the center.

Mechanism of registration

Registration runs in the center by an arranged mechanism.

  • The process of booking the appointment is done by phone or by visiting the center in coordination with the receptionist or social service employee.
  • The beneficiary shall attend to complete the registration process by bringing the identification papers.
  • An audiologist is interviewed to obtain the service the beneficiary needs.
  • The center delivers the report on the beneficiary after the comprehensive evaluation process is completed, and they are informed of the additional services he needs and will be provided to him.