Al Amal Kindergarten & School for the Deaf

An educational institution affiliated with Sharjah City for Humanitarian Services and licensed by the Sharjah Private Education Authority - No. 201900 S

About Al Amal Kindergarten & School for the Deaf


Al Amal School for the Deaf in Sharjah was established in 1979, and the Al Amal Kindergarten for the Deaf in 1983.

It is an educational institution affiliated with the Sharjah City for Humanitarian Services and licensed by the Sharjah Private Education Authority under license number 201900 S. The school follows the curriculum of the Ministry of Education for all educational stages from kindergarten to twelfth grade.

The school aims to provide a distinguished educational environment using modern technologies to enhance students' future skills and 21st-century skills. It adopts the latest educational and administrative systems in the United Arab Emirates, joining the Smart Learning Program in 2013 and providing tablets and laptops for students and staff. The school strives to achieve outstanding educational outcomes by selecting the best educational and administrative staff and equipping the school with the latest supported equipment and infrastructure.

The school is committed to providing specialized human resources to offer all services to students within the school environment by qualified individuals such as special education teachers, sign language interpreters, psychologists, speech and language therapists, and social workers. They are trained in teaching methods for the deaf, in addition to providing counseling sessions and awareness and guidance for the parents of deaf and hearing-impaired students.

Classrooms are the core of the educational process; therefore, their design considers the students' comfort in terms of space and furniture. The number of students per class does not exceed 8 students per class, and they provide a stimulating educational environment that includes many in-class and extracurricular activities using various modern teaching methods and strategies to meet the individual needs of each student.

All classrooms are equipped with the latest computers and interactive whiteboards to encourage integration between creativity and technology, and strong educational practices to provide students with an attractive educational environment full of fun, interaction, and support for students through participation in all local and international activities such as awards, competitions, and programs at the national and international levels.

Strategic Vision


"Innovative education for a global knowledge-leading society, enabling and qualifying deaf individuals to be active producers."


We strive to reduce the causes of various disabilities through early intervention and community outreach. We are advocates aiming at the inclusion and empowerment of persons with disabilities through education, rehabilitation, and job placement to shape independent, self-reliant individuals in society.


Transparency, teamwork, excellence and creativity, responsibility, mastery, and quality.

Words from the SCHS Director

Her Excellency Sheikha Jameela bint Mohammed Al Qasimi
Chairperson of Sharjah City for Humanitarian Services

Welcome to “Al Amal School and Kindergarten for the Deaf”, which is the first school for deaf and hard of hearing people in the United Arab Emirates. Here, we adopt bilingualism (speech and sign language) in teaching students in accordance with the best international practices. We keep pace with the latest developments within a distinguished educational environment, where feelings of mutual trust between school students, parents, and educational staff is common. It is a renewed and sustainable trust that has been around for 44 years. Our school has been always eager to produce a generation of competent, educated, and well-informed students. Under the guidance of a group of the best educational talents, they would be able to navigate life positively and collaborate to continuously advance the renaissance and progress of society, placing constant emphasis on our national and cultural identity and instilling noble values and morals in the souls of our young people with hearing impairment. To fully accomplish the interim and strategic goals, we were also eager to appoint interpreters who are certified by the Arab Union of Organizations Working in the Care of Deaf Persons. They work in tandem with the school's work team to educate and train pupils in sign language. Pedagogical and educational services, (classroom) services, family counseling, assessment and consultation services, speech and language, physical therapy and occupational therapy, supportive services, music therapy, and auditory training are some of the most significant basic services offered by the school. The academic education curriculum of the Ministry of Education is used by Al Amal School and Kindergarten for the Deaf, enabling them to graduate from high school and enroll in universities. Since students are continuously challenged to increase their knowledge by their participation in national and international tests, such as the TIMSS, EMSAT, and IBT, we aim for excellence in our teaching procedures. We are eager to provide our students with the knowledge and abilities they will need in the future and to help them overcome any obstacles they may encounter in their academic and professional endeavors. We have faith that students who are deaf or hard of hearing possess boundless potential and can aspire to a better future. As a result, we give them the finest learning environment possible to support their academic, social, and psychological needs as well as the best experiences that allow each student to learn new things and advance their capacity for higher-order thinking. We are proud of the accomplishments and successes the school has had and is continuing to have in line with our vision of providing innovative learning for a global pioneering knowledge society that qualifies and empowers deaf and hard of hearing people to be productive and effective. Working with our beloved students, parents, and the administrative and teaching staff, we continue the path, beginning with our eagerness to empower our students and prepare them for the future they aspire to. Welcome to Al Amal School and Kindergarten for the Deaf

Al Amal Kindergarten & School for the Deaf organizational structure

Organizational structure

Board of Trustees

Chairman of the Board of Trustees
Her Excellency Sheikha Jameela bint Mohammed Al Qasimi

Chairperson of Sharjah City for Humanitarian Services

Members of the Board of Trustees
Her Excellency Mona Abdul Karim Al Yafei

Director General of Sharjah City for Humanitarian Service

Mr. Wael Allam

Director of Educational Affairs - Sharjah City for Humanitarian Services

Mr. Abdul Rahman Al Hammadi

Head of the Mechanical Quality Control Team - Emirates Nuclear Energy Corporation

Ms. Heba Al-Hamrani

Director of Financial and Administrative Affairs - Sharjah City for Humanitarian Services

Ms. Afaf Al Haridi

Director of Al Amal Kindergarten and School for the Deaf - Sharjah City for Humanitarian Services

Mr. Hanan Zaki Ahmed

Deputy Director of Al Amal Kindergarten and School for the Deaf - Sharjah City for Humanitarian Services

Ms. Marwa Abdel Fattah

Audiologist - Sharjah Audiology Centre

Ms. Doaa Dridi

Inclution Supervisor - Sharjah City for Humanitarian Services

Parent of the two students

Aisha and Shamma Badr - Al Amal School for the Deaf

Student Mezn Abdul Rahman

Student at Al Amal School for the Deaf

Administrative and Educational Body

The administrative and educational body consists of specialized employees carefully selected based on their qualifications and extensive experience. They contribute their expertise and diligence to achieve the school's vision and mission.

Al Amal School for the Deaf is committed to achieving excellence and keeping pace with changes. Both the administrative and teaching staff are encouraged to continue participating in professional development programs and stay updated on the latest developments in the field of education, its technologies, and teaching methodologies. This ensures that students improve their educational journey and acquire the best skills and experiences.



Education institution


Sign language interpreters


Speech and language pathologists




Social worker


About Al Amal Kindergarten & School for the Deaf

Educational Curriculum

  • Adoption of the curriculum of the Ministry of Education for all educational stages in the preparatory stage, second stage, and third stage.
    • Curriculum of the Ministry of Education.
  • Kindergarten
    • Curriculum of the Ministry of Education.
    • Assessment, Evaluation, and Programming System (AEPS).

Enrichment Activities

Al-Amal School for the Deaf provides a range of enrichment and educational activities for all students. These activities support academic, physical, social, and psychological development of students. They include educational and recreational trips, sports, and art competitions, as well as enrichment activities specified in the school's agenda.

Educational competitions aim to enhance students' understanding of the local culture of the United Arab Emirates and send some students to foreign countries like the United States and Korea to gain educational and sports experiences. After-school enrichment activities aim to create a rich social environment allowing deaf students to develop and progress, providing them with opportunities for social and behavioral development, thereby enhancing their latent talents and preparing them to become leaders in their chosen fields. Recognizing the importance of collaboration with parents as our partners in success, channels have been opened on Telegram to train parents on methods of training students in gardening, sign language, and digital security.

Learning Methods

Using effective teaching methods that consider individual differences in skills and core concepts to prepare students armed with the best educational skills and abilities.

We provide students with an environment that enables them to develop their abilities cognitively, intellectually, and socially. Our focus during this period is on developing students' critical thinking, logical analysis, 21st-century skills, applying what they have learned previously, and confidence in their abilities.

The best thing students acquire during this period is the ability to acquire useful study skills and habits. We adopt a comprehensive educational approach aimed at producing ambitious students capable of self-learning.

Students learn how to develop writing and reading skills, refine their mathematical and analytical skills. We urge our teachers to attach great importance to practical as well as theoretical education, including holding competitions, conducting virtual field trips, performing experiments, and organizing special events to apply what they teach to our students in real life.

School calendar

calendar Academic year 2023-2024 Academic year 2024-2025
The beginning of the academic year 28-8-2023 26-08-2024
The beginning of winter vacation 18-12-2023 23-12-2024
Return from winter vacation. 02-1-2024 06-01-2025
The beginning of spring break 01-04-2024 24-03-2025
Back from spring break 15-04-2024 07-04-2025
End of the academic year 04-07-2024 03-07-2025
To follow the latest information of the school calendar according to the official website of the Sharjah Private Education Authority, click here

School life

The age for accepting students for the academic year 2024-2025

Table for calculating the student admission age for those who have completed the approved age for the academic year 2024-2025

Educational level Minimum age From Birth date To Birth date
PRE KG 3 YEARS 1/9/2000 31/8/2021
KG one 4 YEARS 1/9/2019 31/8/2020
KG tow 5 years 1/9/2018 31/8/2019
Grade 1 6 YEARS 1/9/2017 31/8/2018
School time

The school hours are as follows:

Days \ Timing Staff Students
Monday- Wednesday 7:00 Morning - 3:00 Evening 7:15 Morning - 3:00 Evening
Thursday 7:00 Morning - 3:30 Evening 7:15 Morning - 2:20 Evening
Health and Safety

Al Amal School for the Deaf prioritizes the health and safety of its students and works diligently to ensure the provision of a safe and healthy environment for our deaf students.
A certified school health nurse is available from the School Health Authority, providing healthcare to all students and arranging for their transfer to hospitals and external clinics if necessary.

School Uniform

At Al Amal School for the Deaf - Sharjah, we aim for all students of various ages to wear a uniform and adhere to its wearing rules while always maintaining its cleanliness and elegance.
This reflects the student's pride in belonging to the school. We hope that the rules of wearing the uniform will be optimally reflected both within and outside the school or during external trips. Our students are ambassadors representing the school and you, as their parents, through their elegant and distinctive school attire always.

Uniform Rules
  • Wearing the official uniform approved by the school.
  • Wearing sports uniform only on sports days, with white sports shoes. Sports shoes or sports uniform are not allowed on non-sports days.
  • Wearing the winter jacket provided by the school only during the winter season.
  • Always Maintaining their school uniform neatly and clean.
  • Female students from fourth grade to twelfth grade must wear a uniform hijab in white or black.
  • Adhering to personal hygiene (cutting nails, hair grooming).
  • Female students are prohibited from applying henna, nail polish, or cosmetics.

If any student does not comply with the uniform policy mentioned above, the administration will provide a verbal warning for the first offense to comply with the established rules. In case of repeated violation of the school's uniform policy, the parent will be contacted, and the student will not be allowed to enter the school if they continue to violate the official uniform rules


The cafeteria at Al Amal School for the Deaf is distinguished by its exceptional standards and specifications. Its role is not limited to providing food and drinks but also has an educational and social aspect. It aims to encourage students to adhere to healthy eating habits by providing a variety of healthy foods and beverages according to the guidelines of the Ministry of Education.


The center currently provides the main services, and each service includes a set of supportive services

Admission to SCHS

Registration and Admission at Sharjah City for Humanitarian Services Procedures for registering new students:

  • First:
    • Attend in person to register at the Social Service Department, in the administration building during official working hours.
    • Register using a valid original ID.
    • Provide a recent medical report from an accredited entity / Provide a psychological educational report (if available).
    • The center is determined based on age group and type of disability.
  • Second:
    • The school or center's social worker will contact to schedule a personal interview.
    • Communicate with the family and inform them of the beneficiary's file acceptance if conditions are met.
    • The social worker completes registration data, including filling out the social case study.
    • The social worker receives the required documents and health reports as mandatory attachments for the admission process.
  • Third:
  • Fourth:
    • The beneficiary joins the services of the SCHS
  • Fifth:

Mandatory documents for student registration with the Ministry of Education

  • Educational Psychological Report..
  • Recent Medical and Auditory Report of the student, issued within the last 6 months.
  • Letter of Continuation of Study from their current school.
  • Copies of the parents passports with valid residency for residents.
  • Original Emirates ID card of parents with a copy.
  • Copy of the students passport with Unified Number (for citizens) and valid residency visa (for residents).
  • Emirates ID card of the student with a copy.
  • Copy of the students birth certificate.
  • Copy of the students vaccination certificate and their health file from the current school.
  • Copy of the registration transcript (for citizens only).
  • A copy of the student’s vaccination certificate and the student’s health file from his current school.
  • Recent colored passport-sized photos.
  • Original Transfer Certificate from the current school.


Most important achievements and awards

1) The first school to implement the ministerial curriculum since 1981 and until now, graduating deaf and hard of hearing students from high school and enrolling them in universities.











2) The first school for the deaf and hard of hearing at the state level where the smart learning program is implemented.

The smart learning program was implemented in the school for the eighth and ninth grades.


It was implemented for the seventh, ninth, and tenth grades.


It was implemented for the seventh, ninth, and tenth grades.


3) Educational awards for the school

Category of centers and institutions for people with disabilities


Distinguished School Class


Princess Haya Award for Special Education | Distinguished Special Education Center Category


Al Amal School and Kindergarten for the Deaf Beet Asia


4) Educational awards for students

Reda Ismail


Louay Saleh


Mohammad Radwan


Zakaria Al-Hamayda


Yousef Al-Suwaidi


Hamdan Jamaan - Bashar Majed - Abdel Hadi Bassam


5) Local and international awards for students.

Student Nemat Ismail won the seventh place on the Emirate of Sharjah in the Sixth Arab Reading Challenge


Khalifa Abdul Ghafour and Abdul Rahman Nasser, won the First place in the UCMAS International Competition in Cambodia



The first school for people with disabilities in the country to obtain accreditation from Microsoft as a model school for 7 years. | Consecutive school Showcase since 2016


Joining UNESCO schools from 2016 until this year.


7) Local competitions

Student Sarah Hassan won the Cultural Heritage Award for Young People, Drawing Category, first place


Participation in the National Artificial Intelligence Competition in Abu Dhabi


Aoun Award for Community Services, second place, “People of Determination Category”


Contact us

Al Amal Kindergarten & School for the Deaf Al Yarmook Branch, Sharjah

Contacts of Al Amal Kindergarten & School for the Deaf Al Yarmook Branch, Sharjah

Encouraging parental involvement in their childrens educational journey enhances their chances of success. At Hope School for the Deaf, we strive to keep parents connected through various communication platforms.

School principal 0561188049
Deputy Director 0505300152
Social Service 0506869008
Secretariat 0509928990
Administrative Assistant 0564906119
Sign language interpreter 0507374394
School principal Deputy Director Social Service Secretariat Administrative Assistant Sign language interpreter HOTLINE
0561188049 0505300152 0506869008 0509928990 0564906119 0507374394

The most important basic services provided:

Accompanying facilities

  • Classrooms

    Classrooms are the focal point of the educational process. Therefore, we have ensured in their design to be equipped with the latest technology and to provide a stimulating learning environment with various sports activities. Each classroom is equipped with the latest computers and interactive whiteboards to encourage integration between creativity and technology, enhanced by strong educational practices to provide our dear students with an attractive educational environment filled with fun, enjoyment, and interaction.

  • Computer Lab

    Considering the rapid development of our technological world, Al Amal School for the Deaf is keen on keeping pace with this development through computer studies, using the latest technologies and software. The school also provides its students with the latest digital resources. Additionally, the school offers computer labs to keep its students updated on the latest technology.

  • Science Lab

    A dedicated lab for students aimed at giving them opportunities for designing, experimenting, discovering, and inventing during educational sessions.

  • Gymnasium

    Play is an important and vital aspect for developing a child's skills and shaping their personality. Our dear students have all the elements available to enhance their physical, social, creative, and mental capabilities, developing their positive attitudes towards learning, teamwork, leadership skills, and improving general health. Providing a dedicated sports hall for sports activities and competitions.

Health Care

  • School clinic

    Al Amal School for the Deaf prioritizes the health of its students, providing a school clinic equipped with all basic health care facilities, with a professional team highly experienced and competent in providing distinguished health care services, hygiene, emergency cases, and all necessary monitoring and attention throughout the day. In emergency health cases, the student is transferred to the hospital for further monitoring and health assurance. Also, agreements have been made with several hospitals to assist in treating deaf students.


  • School Buses

    Al Amal School for the Deaf aims to provide its students with distinctive and safe services. Therefore, the school provides transportation services for its students in accordance with the regulations and legislation of the Roads and Transport Authority.

    For more details about school fees and transportation , Click HERE

Guardian portal

Parents can now track their children's educational progress through the school's website portal, ensuring secure access using login details. This modern system is designed to provide parents with all the necessary information regarding their children's education, including daily schedules, weekly projects, assessments, parent notifications, and homework assignments.
The school utilizes this electronic portal as a primary means of communication between parents and teachers.