Apr 3, 2024

As part of the cooperation agreement signed between Sharjah City for Humanitarian Services (SCHS) and Dubai Islamic Bank (DIB), Dubai Islamic Bank donated 5 million dirhams of bank’s zakat money for the year 2023 to pay tuition fees for SCHS students with disabilities, who are eligible for zakat funds under Islamic law.

The President of SCHS, Her Excellency Sheikha Jameela bint Mohammed Al Qasimi, expressed her gratitude to the Chairman and members of the DIB Board of Directors on this particular occasion. She emphasized that the strategic partnership between SCHS and DIB offers society a commendable and brilliant model that supports the education of individuals with disabilities in compliance with global best practices.

Her Excellency the President of SCHS confirmed that the faith that DIB has in SCHS as a result of its ongoing support demonstrates its strong belief in the services that SCHS offers to the community and individuals with disabilities. She also praised the sustainability of this support, which has been in place since 2011, because it is a result of DIB's social and religious commitment to individuals with disabilities.

She clarified that DIB's backing demonstrates its dedication and forward motion in carrying out its social obligations, and she urged all organizations and businesses to imitate this.

She said, “In order to provide the best services possible, stay up of current events, and work with partners to improve the quality of life for individuals with disabilities, SCHS is eager to expand and strengthen its cooperation with local, Arab, and worldwide institutions and entities.”.

She clarified that since its founding in 1979, SCHS has incorporated the concerns of people with disabilities into its approach, mission, and vision. It has also been and continues to be committed to bringing these issues to the attention of the public, urging them to support it by offering appropriate support in all areas and by contributing zakat funds to enable it to keep up with the latest standards and trends in education.

Your zakat for our education

 This year, SCHS is looking to raise 12,107,750 dirhams (twelve million, one hundred and seven thousand, and seven hundred and fifty dirhams) to cover the tuition costs for 537 male and female students with disabilities who are qualified for zakat funds under Islamic law. The campaign is called "Your Zakat for Our Education," and it is held every year during the holy month of Ramadan.

Sheikha Jameela said, “Since education promotes family stability and provides a stable source of income, it is regarded as one of the acceptable sources of zakat money. The slogan "Your zakat is for our education" embodies this trend, which is in line with SCHS's values and goals of empowering people with disabilities to pursue higher education and develop their cognitive and scientific abilities in line with the most recent and effective worldwide practices”.

She added, “SCHS always aims to fulfill its pledge and commitment, even though the average cost of tuition fees for one student during the academic year is thirty thousand dirhams. The actual cost, however, varies between twenty thousand and eighty thousand dirhams, depending on the type of disability and services he needs. supplying everyone with instruction, therapy, direction, and family support.

SCHS's zakat campaign is based on the Emirate of Sharjah's Permanent Fatwa Committee's fatwa, which permits zakat to be collected, accepted, and given to individuals with disabilities. The specialized committee at SCHS examines the financial and social circumstances of families of individuals with disabilities and makes a precise determination as to who is considered “the needy” based on their incapacity to pay for tuition by earning a living or meeting their basic needs because of the high cost of education or treatment.

She emphasized that, in compliance with the best and most recent international practices, the SCHS offered its students of diverse nationalities and disabilities educational, rehabilitation, and training programs, from which 1,993 people with disabilities benefited only during the current academic year.

In conclusion, Her Excellency Sheikha Jameela bint Mohammed Al Qasimi once again thanked the Chairman and members of the Board of Directors of DIB, wishing them continued progress and prosperity.