Coronavirus (COVID-19)

الشارقة Feb 1, 2020 – Jul 1, 2020

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Shariah City for Humanitarian Services preparation for the continuation of works and services in all conditions and circumstances

In order to ensure the continuity of providing its services in an appropriate manner that meets the needs of its affiliates and to ensure that it is not interrupted under the current circumstances associated with the spread of the new Corona virus (Covid 19) .Sharjah City for Humanitarian Services worked from the first moment of the issuance of precautionary instructions in the United Arab Emirates to implement them in its entirety and its policy focused For business continuity and good regularity to ensure the health of its members and employees and protect them from the risk of injury and providing protection supplies and requirements . at the same time to raise health and safety readiness and activate education and educational strategies Ml remotely, both for students and their parents. In addition to their employees in all divisions and branches in all technical, administrative and media specialties.

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The main branch    Early intervention: 065660022 ext: 000    Al-Wafaa: 065671117 ext. 000    Autism: 065243131Ext: 101    ِAlamal: 065671117 ext: 000 Kalba Branch: 092777390 Ext .: 000 Khorfakkan Branch: 092386673 Ext .: 000 Al Dhaid Branch: 068828211 Ext .: 000