Mar 2, 2023

His Excellency Abdullah Sultan bin Salouma, Director of Al Bataeh Municipality, has confirmed that cooperation with Sharjah City for Humanitarian Services (SCHS) makes individuals and institutions very proud due to the services of this pioneering and prestigious institution. SCHS has been including, advocating, empowering, educating and integrating persons with disabilities for nearly half a century, according to best and latest practices.

For his part, His Excellency Mohammed Abdullah bin Halees Al Ketbi, Chairman of the Municipal Council of Al Bataeh region, has praised the international status that SCHS has reached thanks to its seriousness, persistence and the sustainability of the services it provides to people with disabilities, their parents and the community. He stressed that cooperation with SCHS is a source of pride.

This came during the visit made by the Director of Al-Bataeh Municipality and the Head of the Municipal Council of Al-Bataeh Region, and Engineer Hanan Muhammad Al-Mazmi, Engineering Consultant of the Municipal Council and Municipality of Al-Bataeh Region, on Thursday, March 2, 2023, to SCHS. They were briefed on the activities of the second day of the Sanabel Al-Mahaba Festival, which Al-Wafaa School for Capacity Development organized. 

    The proceeds of the financial festival will go to the development of school’s programs and services. The festival is an invitation to community members to learn about SCHS’s services, and to contribute to its support and development through various kinds of donations.

Her Excellency Mona Abdul Karim, Director of SCHS, has explained that Al-Wafaa School for Capacity Development serves people with intellectual disabilities. The largest number of beneficiaries from SCHS are members of the school in its two branches (Yarmouk and Ramla). She noted that the proceeds of the festival would go to its rightful place in supporting, educating, and empowering people with intellectual disabilities and providing them with modern tools and technologies.

     Ms. Mona highly appreciated the existing cooperation between SCHS and the municipality of Al-Bataeh. The municipality undertook the preparation and arrangement of the venue of the festival. So, it made efforts in setting up tents, preparing corridors, and sessions. This indicates the great awareness of the principles of social responsibility that the workers of the musicality have. 

She said, “Sanabel Al-Mahabba Festival is a valuable opportunity for individuals and institutions to support the programs and services provided by SCHS.

She added, "The festival witnessed an impressive and remarkable participation of mothers and brothers of persons with disabilities. As well as the distinguished participation of school students, through which they have seen the services that SCHS offers to their peers with disabilities. They participated with them in activities and events, which achieves the integration that SCHS always seeks to implement in line with the latest and best practices".

Mona referred to the sustainability achieved by SCHS in its services, programs and activities. They include "Sanabel Al-Mahaba Festival". SCHS has been organizing the festival since 1998. It aims at achieving the principle of community partnership through the contribution of community members to support the education and empowerment of people with intellectual disabilities and the provision of modern means and technologies.

The Director of SCHS extended her sincere thanks and appreciation to His Excellency Abdullah Sultan bin Salouma, Director of Al-Bataeh Municipality, and to His Excellency Muhammad Abdullah bin Halees Al-Ketbi, Chairman of the Municipal Council of Al-Bataeh. She hopes for the continuity and development of cooperation in the future.