Feb 14, 2021

Her Highness Sheikha Jameela bint Muhammad Al Qasimi, Director General of Sharjah City for Humanitarian Services, and Dr. Haqqi Ismail, Executive Director of Al-Ihsan Charity Association signed a Memorandum of Understanding and Care between SCHS and the association (remotely). This is part of consolidating the relationships of cooperation with local, Arab and international institutions and agencies, with the aim of developing services provided to people with disabilities in accordance with international best practices.  Memorandum aims at strengthening the existing relationship between both sides and the partnership to support the rehabilitation and educational process, because of its importance and role in empowering persons with disabilities and achieving their independence

Under the memorandum, SCHS submits an annual financial budget of the total tuition fees owed to the 188 students affiliated with SCHS from Ajman with all documents and data to the association to clarify what has been achieved during the year and the goals that have been reached.  So that the association use the amounts to pay tuition fees for students with disabilities at SCHS, provide equipment and technologies, and finance SCHS educational services and programs. In addition to providing a training course on the use of sign language and an informative lecture on methods of dealing with persons with disabilities in accordance with the best practical and international practices for public relations and reception staff at the association.

The two parties commit to promoting media cooperation through social media and official approved channels. They shall encourage their employees to embrace volunteer work and community participation in organized activities and events, in addition to cooperation in any other areas of common interest agreed upon by the two parties in the future. The two parties will also work to find joint projects and community initiatives aimed at providing support for the projects of the two parties.

Her Highness Sheikha Jameela Al Qasimi praised the Al Ihsan Charity Association's keenness to enhance cooperation with SCHS and provide appropriate services to people with disabilities. Her Highness has confirmed that SCHS is working hard to consolidate and develop cooperation with local, regional and international institutions and agencies.  She said, “The Memorandum of Understanding between the two sides is an important step in enhancing cooperation in the service of society in general and persons with disabilities in particular. The memorandum placed at the top of its priorities to support their education, rehabilitation and training”.

She pointed out that SCHS has been working since its inception 42 years ago to advocate, include and empower persons with disabilities, through education, rehabilitation and employment, and reduce the causes of disability, through early intervention and community awareness.

She added, “SCHS not only provides services to people with disabilities, but also adopts their issues and rights to improve their quality of life, integrate them into society and enable them to live with dignity. It also works to achieve the principle of equal opportunities by removing barriers, accessibility, and many other principles that are in the interest of society in general”.

For his part, Dr. Haqqi Ismail, Executive Director of Al Ihssan Charity Association, has confirmed that the association seeks to expand and activate its humanitarian and charitable partnerships with various bodies within the country, including institutions of public benefit. It reinforces its commitments by exchanging experiences, consolidating relations and joint work with these bodies, which provides and supports the foundations of social solidarity. It provides help and assistance to people with limited income from members of society and transforming them into a sustainable and effective category, and this is in line with the vision and message of the Association.

The memorandum of understanding with Sharjah City for Humanitarian Services is the culmination of these efforts. This memorandum provides support for SCHS’s students of determination and people with disabilities from the emirate of Ajman, according to the official procedures followed by the association.

In conclusion, he explained that the aim of the memorandum is also to expand the means of cooperation between the two institutions and to develop strategies to develop charitable initiatives in order to achieve the strategic goals and advance the principles of the national vision of the UAE and its wise leadership.