Feb 7, 2024

On Wednesday, February 7, 2024, Her Excellency Ms. Mona Abdul Karim Al Yafei, Director General of Sharjah City for Humanitarian Services (SCHS), and His Excellency Dr. Saif Salem Al Qaidi, Director of Kallba University, signed a memorandum of understanding between SCHS and the university within the framework of enhancing and consolidating cooperation between the two sides and achieving common goals in accordance with international best practices.

The memorandum states that both parties will support graduate students and their staff visiting for training, experience-sharing, lecture-giving, collaborative research, or attending conferences. This will help to improve the effectiveness of the staff members who work for both parties.

The parties further commit to the following: promoting volunteerism and community involvement among students and staff of both parties in relation to this memorandum; supporting each other's media campaigns via official channels and social media; cooperating in the area of task facilitation, each according to its area of expertise; promoting specialized international peer-reviewed conferences on pre-arranged topics; cooperating in the area of facilitating access in the built environment for people with disabilities; and cooperating in any other future activities they agree upon.

Following his tour of several classrooms and departments at SCHS and his education about the programs, services, and activities offered to students in accordance with the most recent and best practices, Professor Dr. Saif Salem Al-Qaidi expressed his satisfaction with the visit and referred to SCHS as a landmark in both science and culture.

He said, “In terms of the collaboration between SCHS and the university, we are carrying on the excellent job that the Sharjah government—headed by His Highness Sheikh Dr. Sultan bin Muhammad Al Qasimi, the ruler of Sharjah and a member of the Supreme Council of the Federation—is undertaking, and We are abiding by the orders of Her Excellency the President of Sharjah City for Humanitarian Services, Sheikha Jameela bint Muhammad Al Qasimi, and the "Big Heart" of Her Highness Sheikha Jawaher Bint Muhammad Al Qasimi, wife of His Highness the Ruler of Sharjah.

Al-Qaidi commended SCHS for its scientific and academic know-how and for giving everyone in society the chance to profit from it, particularly when it comes to dealing with those who have disabilities. By utilizing these long-standing relationships and qualifying students for academic study at the university, Kallba University hopes to improve the frameworks of cooperation with SCHS and raise the scientific and knowledge balance of its students.

The Director General of SCHS, Her Excellency Ms. Mona Abdul Karim Al Yafei, affirmed that signing the agreement of understanding with Kallba University will pave the way for new opportunities in fostering and expanding collaboration. The two parties will be able to exchange experiences and strategies for helping, which will deepen public understanding of the problems and rights of individuals with disabilities in a variety of scholarly and non-academic domains.

The general director of SCHS stressed that individuals with disabilities can continue their academic and cognitive development while discussing the value of expanding university specialization options for Al Amal School for the Deaf students and providing them with greater access to research, studies, and specialization opportunities. Since its establishment, SCHS has upheld this capacity and has endeavored—as it still does today—to contain, support, empower, educate, and integrate people with disabilities in accordance with global best practices.