Dec 17, 2018

In the early morning, children with disabilities headed to the famous tourist destination and fabulous attractions Dubai as part of day two activities of Al Amal Camp 29, which Sharjah City for Humanitarian Services (SCHS) is organizing under the Patronage of His Highness Sheikh Dr. Sultan bin Mohammed Al Qasimi, Supreme Council Member and Ruler of Sharjah.  This year’s theme is “Let’s Talk about Disability”.

In Al Khor Park, children with disabilities enjoyed the twittering of its birds and watched the magnificent dolphins show.  They took pictures in order to remind them of this magnificent trip.  Then, Al Amal Trail headed to Dubai Frame.  Children admired the biggest picture frame on the planet.  The trail made another stop at Dubai Mall, where participants had a remarkable tour that they will never forget.

The children from Kingdom of Bhutan were so happy due to the great hospitality of SCHS and volunteers.  They paid tribute to those volunteers who cares so much to the safety and welfare of children with disabilities during activities and picnics.

They also were so happy to participate in activities that made them meet new friends and enjoy games and contests, which volunteers organized.  They were happy because everyone took part in these activities, which made it so exciting and joyful.

Bouchra Abbas Al-Kindi from the Sultanate of Oman has confirmed that all participants were able to mingle in the camp so quickly.  They have outstanding contributions to the various games, contests, and activities.

The volunteer Rashed Badr Al – Hammadi said, “I have been volunteering in Al Amal Camp since five years.  Back then, I was in preparatory school.  Today, I am second year major ‘Engineering’.  This event is special because every year I enjoy myself so much, I become so excited to volunteer in the next year”.  

Rashed Badr interacts with persons with disabilities perfectly.  He has confirmed that they make friends and learn about other cultures so easily.  They also communicate with peers from other delegations and volunteers despite the notion that they know each other for only a short time.  The general atmosphere in Al Amal camp is brotherly.  Everyone is optimistic that the coming days of the event are going to be magnificent.

Heritage Day & Night Party

Notably, after children with disabilities return from Sharjah trip yesterday, delegations gathered to take part in Heritage Day Activity.  Everyone enjoyed participating in traditional games and arts.  It was obvious that volunteers were making huge efforts in order to make children with disabilities happy during this activity.   Heritage Day Activity included a variety of folk dances, arts, and meals.  The first day ended in night party tent with more games, acts, and joyful mood.

Volunteer Mohamed Saber Ali Abu Talib from Egypt, who is a person with visual impairment, has an informative message that he wants to share with participants on daily basis via his true feelings and experience in Al Amal Camp 29.   He has confirmed that this event has many goals such as talking about disability and related issues in order to find solutions for minor and major problems.  For example, Al Amal Camp wants to find solutions for disrespectful disability language and the right to education, job placement, and accessibility that enables persons with disabilities to participate in the community and go everywhere

Abu Talib arrived to UAE two days before the beginning of the Camp.  He assisted in preparations by organizing a workshop about the content and goals of the event as well as the best way to deal with persons with disabilities.  He also participated in receiving delegations at the Airport.

He talked about of the opening ceremony of Al Amal Camp, which was a unique experience to him as Al Amal trail headed in a majestic procession no less than the one made for kings.  Police cars escorted Al Amal Trail on the streets and stopped traffic in order for participants to reach their destination fast.  Moreover, Abu Talib talked about flag-raising ceremony and Federal Police School orchestra, which played the national anthem of UAE.

As for his first day in the camp he said, “It was a busy day.  One of the main things I did was visiting Sharjah Aquarium.  This place has a very beautiful memory in my mind.  I took my first picture six years ago during my participation in Al Manal Forum of Disability and Social Media in this place.  Today, I find myself in the same place after years of my first experience with photography”.