Dec 5, 2023

A memorandum of understanding between Sharjah City for Humanitarian Services (SCHS) and Taryam American Private School was signed this morning, Tuesday, December 5, 2023, by Mona Abdul Karim Al Yafei, SCHS's Director General, and Dr. Raed Abdullah, the School's Director. Based on the ideas of shared societal responsibility and protecting the right to education for individuals with disabilities so they can be productive members of their community, the agreement seeks to strengthen cooperation and partnership between them around supporting inclusive education services for people with disabilities.

The memorandum states that the two parties' most important commitments are to: exchanging field or virtual visits between workers so that they can learn from each other's experiences; creating modified joint activities and events that improve student integration; encouraging staff members from both parties to volunteer and participate in community events; and cooperating in the selection of programs and means of appropriate education for individuals with disabilities; creating work strategies in the school's model inclusive education class; and sharing the successful experience with the other inclusive schools.

Dr. Raed Abdullah expressed his gratitude for Taryam American Private School's delegation visiting SCHS and seeing the programs, activities, and instructional strategies used with its disabled students in line with best practices worldwide to enhance their academic and life skills and abilities and get them ready for community and school integration.

He added, “The fact that SCHS is eager to hire the best professionals in the industry attests to the value it places on working with parents and students with disabilities to improve their position in society. With this new partnership with SCHS, the school hopes to serve as a successful model and role model for inclusive education, God willing, underscoring its strong belief in the value of collaborating with neighborhood community institutions to achieve educational goals.”.

Her Excellence SCHS Director General, Ms. Mona Abdul Karim Al-Yafei, gave an explanation of the organization's efforts since its founding, stating that individuals with disabilities have been incorporated in a methodical manner that keeps up with the most recent advancements in the world. To guarantee the integration's success and provide the greatest outcomes, experts and supervisors periodically monitor them.

She said, “In the year 2017, SCHS established the “Inclusive Education Unit” based on its firm conviction that inclusion is not only a model of special education, but rather a method of thinking and practice that includes all members of society. SCHS was able to integrate 646 students with disabilities into schools in cooperation with its partners in State educational institutions have also worked, in cooperation with partners, to establish a comprehensive educational system that contributes to promoting children’s rights and providing a supportive and stimulating school environment for inclusion, in line with the Emirate of Sharjah’s interest in education, reading, and continuous training”.

She added, “The memorandum of understanding comes with the American private school program, which aims to develop inclusive education methods and provide the ideal model in this field. Its goal is not only to serve students with disabilities, but also to all students within their school environments and to raise awareness of the rights of people with disabilities, especially the right to inclusive education”.

She concluded by thanking everyone in charge of the school, wishing for continued fruitful cooperation in the future, God willing.