Nov 3, 2019

On Sunday, November 3, 2019, the students of Sharjah City for Humanitarian Services (SCHS), administrators, and workers took part in the UAE Flag Day celebrations.  The day marks the anniversary of the President, His Highness Sheikh Khalifa bin Zayed Al Nahyan, becoming the president of the UAE. In a mood filled with loyalty and high spirits, students with disabilities raised the flag of United Arab Emirates at SCHS premises at the same time in which the people of United Arab Emirates were saluting the flag while chanting the national anthem of United Arab Emirates.

The Director of SCHS Mrs. Mona Abdel Karim has pointed out that the celebrations of persons with disabilities, their parents, and the people working with them of flag day and other national events raises their awareness of the importance of the national identity and promotes feelings of loyalty and belonging to the country.

She said, “SCHS students are like other loyal members of society.  They are loyal to United Arab Emirates land.  Their feelings are sincere and coming from their deep understanding of what this country has given them”.

She said, “Sharjah City for Humanitarian Services cares to express the feelings of loyalty and belonging to its precious country because, as Emirati citizens and residents, we would continue to raise the sense of loyalty in the minds of persons with disabilities”.

Mrs. Mona has pointed out SCHS continued efforts to cooperate with individuals and institutions in and outside United Arab Emirates in order to offer persons with disabilities the best services of inclusion, advocacy, and empowerment according to the best practices worldwide.

The director of SCHS was very proud and happy with the students with disabilities, who participated in UAE Flag Day celebrations.  She confirmed that UAE flag is a symbol of union and identity for the people of UAE, who will always be proud of their flag.

To conclude, the Director of SCHS thanked the Air Force Unit in Sharjah Police for its nice participation in the celebration of students with disabilities on the Flag Day by flying a helicopter over SCHS headquarters to greet students and staff who exchanged greetings by waving the UAE flag, which is very dear to their hearts.