Sep 26, 2023

Her Excellency Sheikha Jameela Bint Mohammed Al Qasimi, President of Sharjah City for Humanitarian Services (SCHS), congratulated six female teachers from various departments and branches of SCHS for obtaining the accreditation as music therapy specialists from Iowa University in South Korea and the Korean Music Therapy Association. She has confirmed that this achievement is a valuable addition to the services that SCHS provides to people with disabilities, in accordance with international best practices.

She said, “The Music Therapy Program's sustainability, which SCHS has been running since 2013 in collaboration with Iowa University in South Korea, is unequivocal proof of SCHS's sustainability philosophy. The best proof of this successful sustainability is the graduation of nine batches of SCHS personnel from the program and twelve batches of experts from the Korean University of Iowa”.

She went on to say that the knowledge SCHS employees have obtained from participating in the Music Therapy Program year after year has a significant impact on the variety of services offered to persons with disabilities and the improvement of their skills. She also exemplified SCHS's leadership by incorporating the Music Therapy Program into its curriculum and creating the ideal setting so that its specialists and teachers could become proficient in its techniques for enhancing the talents of those with impairments in a variety of professions.

The music therapy approaches and new ideas, on which SCHS staff is annually taught to complement the program's message, have been complimented by the organization's president. She expressed her sincere gratitude to the specialists at the University of Iowa who have been a part of the program since its inception, under the direction of Professor Hyang Joo Chung, Head of the Department of Music Therapy at the University of Iowa, who provided their experience working with people with disabilities as well as the staff at SCHS. She wishes for future coordination and cooperation to continue.

Notably, 131 SCHS employees have completed the Music Therapy Program since it began in 2013, which is a significant number. While 36 female postgraduate experts from the University of Iowa have received training in SCHS, and all of them have helped instruct 1,104 students with disabilities. They attempted to improve their quality of life by giving them opportunities to participate in and integrate into society as well as to develop their motor, social, language, and educational skills.