Theory and Practice in APE

Sharjah Education Academy Mar 6, 2024 – Mar 7, 2024

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The conference of Theory and practice in Adapted Physical Education (APE) organized by SCHS in scientific partnership with California State University - Chico (USA) & Sharjah Education Academy (SEA) is being held to raise awareness of sports and physical activity opportunities for people with disabilities. (especially those with intellectual disabilities, autism spectrum disorders, severe and multiple disabilities).

APE is a significant field in Arab nations that has not received adequate attention; it needs more study and focus on its educational, psychological, and health aspects because they currently receive attention that is insufficient given its significance and the long-lasting effects it has on the lives of people and families.

When a student with a disability cannot benefit from regular physical education sessions or requires additional services, APE is designed to fulfill their specific needs. As well as unique educational design, adaptations, and modifications, adapted physical education teachers offer planning, evaluation, and advice for normal physical education teachers on the curriculum, assignments, resources, and/or setting to enable the student to engage in all facets of physical education. (Tennessee Department of Education,2022)

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